Is it disappointed or frustrated? What is the difference?

Clarity of language reflects your clarity of thinking…

It is becoming clear that the parts that maybe are the most important ones (to you) in my articles are too new for you to hear.

I didn’t realize that I need to bring special attention to them, explain them, or they will be lost, maybe forever. And give me an unwelcome experience: frustration.

This is a great opportunity to bring some clarity to the use of two words that you, mistakenly, have been taking ans synonyms… meaning the same. They don’t.

The two words are disappointment and frustration.

They feel similar, yes, but the underlying cause is different. Continue reading “Is it disappointed or frustrated? What is the difference?”

What is frustration really?

Frustration has two causes: 1. wanting 2. expecting. Unfulfilled desires, unfulfilled expectations. Horrid. 1

You want more, better, different… Or you expect more better or different.

Either way, you are acting consistent with what society, what civilization wants you to be… not with Life.

More, more, more is the battle cry of consumerism. Industry, business wants to make more and sell more. So YOU cry for more, because you are told the secret to happiness is more. More this and more that.

You find out you are copper deficient (isn’t everybody, by the way?) and you ask: what has copper. Let me ADD some of that to my food… your food that already keeps you 20-30-40 pounds overweight.

Cyber week… Tai Lopez sells his four courses for the price of one… and plenty buy… want more, buy more! Continue reading “What is frustration really?”