Spiritual work: money

you are not done yetIn this article, I demonstrate what spiritual work is, through doing my own spiritual work… something I haven’t done, something that isn’t completed, but only started in this article.

What is money for you? Pennies? Dollars? numbers in the bank?

I caught myself this morning.

I, somewhere along the line, decided that money is coins.

As a kid, I collected coins in a wooden container. I stole coins from my parents’ coat pockets. I picked up coins from the dirt.

I felt rich. My brother envied me. The older brother I was in love with…

My mother called me a whore when I was three… and I associated it with money. Getting money.

My relationship to my parents could be told in the context of money.
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Life, looked through the filter of games… Is life a game?

life-is-like-a-gameIn the game of life, when you are losing, or not winning, the two things that can be missing are moves and DNA capacities.

The game goes the way the game goes, but you can play well and with a full deck, or not. Life deals a hand that you can play to win, and you can play to lose…

Each game in life has moves. Winning moves, and losing moves. You can have all the winning moves if you can’t see the consequences of your actions, you won’t win. And even if you see the consequences of your actions (capacity), if you don’t have moves, you still lose.

You have to have the capacities and you have to have the moves to win. Both are part of the invisible.

Life can be treated as a game, and everything in life can be treated as a game… A game you can win, or a game that you can lose.
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Why I refuse to teach a course on Abundance?

abundance-lies-wayne-dyer1As you know, it’s taken me two years to become willing to create the More Money Workshop.

I know, you expected an Abundance course… but you see, your concept of abundance is flawed. Your concept of abundance is corrupted.

Why and how your concepts of life, including abundance got corrupted?

By religion first, and then by gurus who piggyback on your already corrupted worldview.

What is religion?

Religion is a worldview in which you are policed by entities that decide your fate, and all you can do is to try to please them so they help you, instead of killing you.

Religion is reduces you to an effect, who has very little to say about their fate.
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