Everything is a road to hoe, long, short, hard, easy… but regardless: a road to hoe…

methodology of transformation is a process, a road to hoeEverything is a process… a road to hoe. The new methodology of transformation in this article is one step, without which all other steps are ineffective and temporary at best.

Just because you feel brilliant, you may not be brilliant.

Yesterday I felt like I am definitely getting smarter. Felt good. Then I asked Source: Am I really getting smarter? And the answer was ‘no’.

My Sunday call partner was really happy hearing that… He has Shadenfreude 1, really enjoys when I put myself down, or when I make a mistake. He lives out of comparison. If I am not so smart, then he must get, in comparison, suddenly, smarter. Continue reading “Everything is a road to hoe, long, short, hard, easy… but regardless: a road to hoe…”

Methods of getting unstuck… not your garden variety advice

squirrel-stuck-in-a-treeMethods of getting unstuck… If you know you are stuck… in a rut, a behavior, in a cycle, in a predictable outcome, or on a plateau

  1. Method one: What is my context that is keeping me stuck? Who am I being?

    or said in another way: who am I being that is not in alignment with the Original Design…with the intention of the Soul, which is the part of me that comes from the Original Design?

    The Original Design has one main distinction: what is your desire?

    Is your desire for yourself (or your group) alone? Do others, outside of yourself or your group benefit if you receive what you desire?

    Desire for yourself alone is the only negative energy in the Universe. And nothing, no charitable thought, feeling, or action balances it out.

    Want to learn more? Want some coaching?

    The next “recap” session, supposedly on Friday, September 9 at 4 pm (Maybe I should push it to Saturday?) will be about this skill… and outlook… get what you desire in a way that it benefits everyone…

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Workshop: Get unstuck with the detached capacity

What would you do if you could do anything?

It’s hard to answer, isn’t it?

After all seeing the whole big world with all its possibilities and opportunities is very hard when you live in a small box created by the mind, by the dominant beliefs, and your doom.

And it’s a big problem!

I asked a friend of mind what he would do if he were a millionaire. He said he would fly his private plane… That’s it. Could not see anything else!

I have been working on creating a communication course, but given that so many of you are stuck, and so many of you are having difficulty getting out of your minds: first things first:
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The process of going from hopeless to energized and in action: limbering up, becoming flexible

hopeless man... as bad as being homelessAbout 50% of mornings I wake up depressed, hopeless, and regretting that I woke up at all.

Why would that be? Because my view of my life is stuck in a particular vantage point, you could call negative.

And those mornings, with the exception of a few, I look around for ways to unstuck myself. Not because I believe I can… but because I learned to do that.

This morning I read the Monday Morning Memo… and was inspired to write my own based on the same general idea.

I had no idea that I can do it, I had no idea if it would take me anywhere: I had the flexibility to do it.

Did I know it was going to unstuck me? Not really. And it did…

Something similar I do every morning. Sometimes I have to do it over and over and over, sometimes I get swept away by the joy of expressing myself…

And rarely, nowadays, I indulge my hopelessness for a day or two.
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How a small donation of $3 got me unstuck

When money is tight, when I count every penny to make it to the next rent check, I always do something illogical, something that doesn’t make sense, but it works, and it works in spades.

I give a donation. Not big, just a little bit.

Make energy move. Money is energy

I have been doing this for about 10 years not, and every time the results are instantaneous, I get freed up, I breathe better, and I start to see opportunities where I was stuck just minutes earlier.
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Do we really have free will?

Teen+pregnancy+runs+in+my+familyDuring my walk today I had a conversation with a young man who said hello. He was going to soccer practice. He told me which school he went to… and that is how it began.

Some ten years ago I had a neighbor, a woman, who had had a life of turmoil. Divorce, death of a child, alcoholism, bad friends. She had a niece stay with her. She went to the same school as this young man I spoke with today.

The girl, in her first year, got pregnant and dropped out of school. Exactly like her aunt.
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If you don’t have a project, you don’t have a life. How to pick a project that will take you where you want to go?

It is projects that give substance to life, give you a reason to get up in the morning, other than that you didn’t die the night before, or that you have to go to the bathroom.

If you are bored, if you are listless, if you are stuck, if life has lost its taste, it’s because you don’t have a viable and worthy project.

This is most of you, because this is most of humanity.

A project is something with a specific, measurable, public result in the end. It is also nested in the larger project that is your life, but also larger projects that have the same direction, but are longer term with loftier end result.

Here is an example. I’ll use it because one of my friends might come to this site and see the errors of his ways… lol.

Let’s say your goal in life is to die a millionaire. A million bucks net worth. Your net worth now is minus 37 grand, and you carry a lot of debt.
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