The politically incorrect path to happiness

I popped out of bed this morning. I got a glimpse of something. I don’t know what I saw, because it went by so fast, but it was enough to shoot me out of bed.

Urgency. I am driving my life… and sleeping is almost like I am snoozing in the back of the bus.

This whole idea that you are in the driving seat of your life should hit you as a surprise. Why? Because if and when I observe your behavior, your attitude, it doesn’t look to me that you know it.

This is a long article. Be willing to read it, be willing to be lead to the conclusion. If you jump, you’ll miss the point.

Your hands are not on the steering wheel… you are not pressing the gas pedal, you are in passenger mode, exploring the onboard entertainment, and complain, occasionally about the onboard food, the onboard beverages… unaware that you actually allow the automatic pilot to go wherever it is going…
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Conscious awareness is the best predictor of worldly success… your worth a damn factor is close second


To my surprise, people have no idea that their worth a damn factor has been neglected since they were little babies.

They get “encouragement” to not know that there is such a thing… and then they grow up to be seriously not worth a damn, and they suffer.

How does it work?

If you are consistently praised for being a good girl, a pretty girl, a smart girl… you’ll think that that is what there is to it. That is your ticket to the good life, to paradise.
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Are you good? Are you bad?

15_im a good girl bibOur last Playground, earlier today, was on the topic of “good/bad.”

It’s a great topic. Why? Because you are limited by that, good and bad, more than most any other adjective: you want to be good, you need to be good, you pretend to be good, you fancy yourself as a good person, you sell your soul to be thought of as good. God will let you into heaven if you are good… you go to hell if you are bad… blah, blah, blah. Lots of greed, lots of suffering around good and bad.

As a foreigner I watch it with fascination. Good and bad is worn like a uniform, covering up a ton of anxiety.
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