Helicopter Ride, Turning Crap To Gold, Why Are You Following A Certain Guru

Helicopter Ride: a phone conversation I had on June 24, just about the time when I developed the first activators… Very interesting reading.

it's all about the vantage point I have been wondering what makes someone pick a certain guru, what capacity, what characteristics… This is the transcript of an audio of a conversation I had with Anna, my brainstorming buddy… Listening to it is like going on a scenic helicopter ride… Enjoy.

Topics of the conversation: cone of vision, helicopter ride, small tires, skinny and beautiful. I want to be like you… I want what you have!

I just had one of the most intriguing conversations with my friend, Anna.

One of the things I love about Anna is that she always delivers the results I need, even when she is off.

Yesterday she suggested that I put up my articles on youtube… and I had a troubling question about that.

What is it that people are attracted to when they follow a guru?

That is what this article is about.

I have edited the transcript to easier to read, edited out the hm’s but left curse words in. I hope it will make more sense…

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How Did I Put Myself Into The Vibrational Frequency Of Money? A Case Study

create vibrational harmony with money How Did I Put Myself Into The Vibrational Frequency Of Money? A Case Study

I have been spending money on my own training. Not as much as before: this time I only spend money on stuff I know I can totally consume: i.e. do all the exercises, attend all the classes, without having to give up on something important.

I used to spend 5-10 times more money, but normally I would drop all the balls… and end up empty handed.

So, I am spending less money, but getting tremendous value for each dollar I spend.

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What Is Dark Side? Was It Ever Part Of Creation? Now That It Disappeared: Will It Ever Come Back?

hyerarchy of beliefs; you need to find and pull your bottom belief What Is Dark Side? Was It Ever Part Of Creation? Now That It Disappeared: Will It Ever Come Back?

I don’t believe dark side was even anticipated at the time of creation. I also don’t believe that Source is concerned about the dark side, or even knows about it.

So where did the Dark Side come from? Great question, right?

It seems to me that Dark Side was created by humanity. it is fed by the desire for the self alone.

Desire for the self alone has two parts:

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When Does Tithing Activate The Law Of Attraction?

tithing: does it activate the law of attraction?Tithing Or Not Tithing, That Is The Question. Does tithing really work?

Now, why does this issue come up, and why now?

I have a client who asked this question, and because he has given me an opportunity to think this over, maybe even channel a little bit of knowledge, here is what I have come up with so far:

Tithing requires you to give from the seed level of vibration of gratitude. From that frequency you can activate value exchange. A value exchange, from a place of equal values changing hands, not from a place of being a bottomless pit in need, asking for handout, asking for more than you can give back. 1 What does that mean? Tithing is a kind of thank-you, appreciation (acknowledging value) expressed on the level of gratitude. 2

So when people ask: what is the vibrational frequency of money, they really should say: what is the vibrational frequency of equal trade? I give you this and you give me that, and we are both winners.

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Magic Bullet… How To Make a Miracle

this blue pill will make you potent for a few hours... is this what you want?You wave your magic wand, and bada bing bada bang, a little magic dust, and you have a miracle.

Or you take a little pill, and you wake up beautiful, slim, sexy, and rich.
Or you pray that God gives you a miracle
Or you meditate
Or you buy that get-rich-quick scheme that promises overnight money with no work at all
Or you play it over and over in the theater of your mind… You feel it… you appreciate everything… still…

But all these don’t cause a miracle.

No matter how skillfully you wave the wand, or how fancy (and expensive) the little pill is, how passionately you pray… etc. etc. etc.

No. none of them work.
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A Case Study in The Law of Attraction

a180-8003_on-main-dwIn another blogpost on another blog I wrote about my last two years vs. my last four months “history”.

What I didn’t say in THAT blogpost on my recession blog, because it is ALL spiritual, is what happened in the last two weeks. It’s amazing, and it is probably the most important lesson one can learn about causing one’s life. (You may also want to refer back to my Live abundantly article

OK, here you go, here it goes.

Two years ago I bought a new laptop computer and gave my old one to my Kabbalah teacher, Naomi. It was a good computer, given from the heart.

A year ago I bought another laptop, but this time I held onto my now old one. But about six weeks ago Naomi told me that the old laptop was losing its monitor… it was slowly going blind. “OK,” I said, “I’ll give you my other laptop.”

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On Tithing and The Law of Attraction

TithingTithing is a voluntary contribution. It is a giving back where you got your spiritual nourishment, your inspiration. It is keeping the blessing in movement. It is an expression of your abundance regardless of the circumstance, so it is also a state of mind creator. It has its roots in the Jewish mitzva (commandment) of leaving the edges of a cultivated land unharvested so the poor can come and collect the food. The Jewish long sideburn is a reminder of the mitzva, and tithing has some relationship to it with the Christian twist of where to give back.

I have found that tithing is a great activator of the Law of Attraction. Especially if you give often, and with the right mindset. According to Kabbalah the right mindset is a kind of spiritual or enlightened greed, give hungry for your own growth and your own enlightenment, and not from do-gooding. do-gooding is from ego (Satan)

My specialty is the mindset (or the seed level) of spiritual growth.