Will you break for freedom?

eagle breaks for freedom…Or will you complain that “they” don’t allow you to be free? That you can’t…

Most mornings I get up when I wake up. But today, I got up to pee, weighed myself, and went back to bed. Something told me I have some thinking to do that would be impossible if I went about my day as usual.

So I went back to bed and allowed myself to see what wanted to be seen… I chose to surrender and see what Life wants. The trick is to feel the difference between the forceful “I want this” and the gentle “Life wants this” tugs. The most significant difference is the force… the second: I don’t remember wanting this… lol. So what Life wants is different from all the things I want. In a way, what Life wants doesn’t make sense.

What makes sense isn’t from Life. What makes sense isn’t true. What makes sense is not from the here and now: it is from the Tree of Knowledge. Continue reading “Will you break for freedom?”