Talk Back to Me: Shall I sign up to the Preventative Healthcare Grid?

Sophie –

Stacey Mayo just set up a Preventative Healthcare Grid, described at .
I’m thinking of signing up for it for one of my cats who has a lot of sinus problems. And also maybe signing up for myself because of my allergy to milk. If I sign up for it, it will scan my body several times a day and find toxins, allergies (things listed at the above link) and treat them. As a preventative measure.

Would you be willing to connect to Source and find out if participating in the Preventive Healthcare Grid is harmless? Or if it might cause Dark Side results like attachments?

(sent $20 through PayPal)

Thank you very much!

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Energy vampires: how it works and how I fell victim to one myself

energy vampireSome people thrive on your energy. If you have no tools to measure, you don’t even know.

The people that attach themselves to you to drain your energy into themselves are normally your family or close friends.

I had a client whose father was draining her life force for years when I first checked her. She was in worse shape than the father. Although I removed the attachment every time we spoke, she stayed living with her parents. She got sicker and weaker by the day, she was sacrificing her life for her 80 year old dad’s. I refused to cooperate.

Another client came to me with an attachment that had been there for years. He went shrinking, complaining of ringing ears… I removed the attachment, but he went out and looked for other women to attach themselves to him. He had no courage to live his live as a fully responsible adult. This way he had an excuse.

My downstairs neighbor, a male, was using his girl friend’s energy. I watched the girl wither. I sent her energy without her knowing it, and finally she moved out and away to have her own life and keep her own energy. The guy promptly went out to look for another victim.

Energy-Vampire-ExamplesFor the past week I have been feeling off. My balance has been off, my energy has been off. I didn’t think of measuring my vibration, but a “student” tested his muscle-testing prowess on me, and it turned out that my vibration dropped 33 points: huge. I was mortified, really I still am.

As you know, muscle-testing is tricky: you can’t just ask any question, the question needs to be clear and have a yes/no answer. So you are left to your imagination and intuition: the better questions you ask the surer that you’ll get an answer.
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New! Revolutionary Self-Healing Course Puts The Power To Heal In Your Hands

Maria of Toronto says: “My nausea was unbearable. Anything I ate bothered me… I was making the rounds to doctors, and they could not find anything wrong with me. In my desperation I came to a “Healing Call.” I didn’t believe much in the hocus pocus of distance healers, but I owed it to myself to at least try. On the call, the “healer” Sophie said that I had some obstruction in her gall bladder and instructed some energy, the Unbreakable to squeeze it out. After about 5 minutes Sophie said that gall stone was done. I didn’t feel anything, but the nausea disappeared to not come back for seven months, a couple of days ago.

This time I knew what to do, and went to the Healing Call again… Lo and behold, my gall stone was back, but removed again. I am well now. And have signed up to the February Self-Healing Course to learn to to heal myself. I am sure that cleansing my liver at least once a week will take care of my tendency for a gall-stone.”

Michael from Alabama, one user of this course said: “Last summer I was feeling light-headed and low energy. I went to the doctor and found out that my blood pressure was very high. I was put on blood pressure medication, which made me even weaker, and I completely lost my ability to perform my duties as a husband… I came to a Healing Call as a last resort.

Sophie recommended the Heaven on Earth, saying that the high blood pressure was due to my habit of not breathing. My anxiety made it hard to breathe. I started to take the Heaven on Earth, come to a few Healing Calls, and my blood pressure went back to normal. My performance ability is back and I trust that as long as I use the techniques I learned in the Healing Course and take my Heaven on Earth, I will be fine.”

In this day and age of questionable quality food and water, anxiety and other worries, staying healthy or getting well is a big challenge. Challenge financially. Challenge because it is hard to know what works, what doesn’t. It is hard to know who to trust, what to trust. It is hard to know what to eat, what to take… But this course puts the power back into your own hands: you can heal yourself, and you can do it anytime, anyplace. Hundreds of participants are doing it and doing it successfully.
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Raise Your Vibration: New Call Schedule

Here are the changes:

1. We eliminate connection calls for now, and replace them with Connection Drill Calls.

it is free whether you are connected or not… and it’s about mastering your attention, your eyes, your muscle coordination, your will, your connection, feel that you are connected, connect and reconnect at will, step back… Drills. For 50 minutes. Free if you buy any of the beginner products, like the Unconditional Love Activator or the Video teaching how to muscle test yourself

Three calls a week

Saturdays 9 am, Sundays 9 pm, Wednesday 4 pm

If you have bought those products or as soon as you do, I’ll add you to the notification list. You’ll get an email about your webinar registration. You can come to any of those calls, it will be the same webinar link every time.

2. Moved around the Energy Healing Calls: new schedule: Wednesdays 3 pm, Saturdays 9 pm, Tuesdays 9 pm.

Energy Healing Calls are paid calls, $13.99 a week, and there is an option to pay per call, or pay for the same call each week… Check out the options.

You can’t start on this level, you need to learn to connect, although I am planning to make one of these calls available even if someone can’t connect, especially if you need serious and urgent healing.

The results have been staggering. The most amazing result we’ve had when the energy squeezed a large gallstone out of the gallbladder, and many years’ worth of pain and nausea disappeared in a 10 minute session. Amazing.
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