Life is an experiment. Unless you only have good and bad, successful or failure in your vocabulary

An experiment is always successful. It is successful at showing what it shows. Whether you interpret accurately what it shows or not… is up to you. And then what you do with what it suggests is up to you…

“Do not be timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Considering my life, life is an experiment has been probably the best thing I’ve ever invented for myself. Why? Because it killed 90% of the voices inside that said that I was stupid, that I was a loser, that nobody will ever love me.

I hate learning new things… Why?

Yeah, why would anyone hate learning new things?

What does learning new things means? REALLY REALLY MEAN? About you…. Continue reading “Life is an experiment. Unless you only have good and bad, successful or failure in your vocabulary”

From time to time I get incoherent. What do I do then?

heart coherence Coherence is when all your energies, all your fibers share the same direction and the same rhythm.

Much like having a six-horse carriage, and the horses pull in the same direction.

Incoherence is like herding cats… hopeless.

I am rarely incoherent. And when I am: I am acutely aware of it. Very unpleasant.

The truth is: I used to be incoherent most of the time.

What is the cause of incoherence? I think, for me, too many choices. And an inability or unwillingness to narrow them down, and maybe choose. Continue reading “From time to time I get incoherent. What do I do then?”

Afraid to make a mistake?

incoherenceThis past week almost all and every input scrambled my mind. Made me incoherent. Made me restless, and I ended up tired with nothing to show for my feverish-feeling brain activity. I even continued the activity when I slept… or when I couldn’t sleep, like last night.

Familiar? I bet it is.

You can only move forward if and when you are coherent. 1
Coherence is akin to driving a four-horse carriage… it’s powerful, and it goes where you want it to go. Continue reading “Afraid to make a mistake?”

Coaching is often like herding cats…

coaching is like herding catsCats are notoriously individualistic, and abhor being herded, or even told what to do.

Your (and) my aspects are like cats: enjoying and protecting their freedoms you have given them all these years, that you thought they were the boss. Your boss.

I am talking here of the aspects of your mind, your emotions, your thoughts, and your urges.
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