If fear rules you and your life… Here is a strategy to reclaim your self and your life

flight. the spirit is only interested there be flyingMost people, to one degree or another, are ruled by fear. Most of that fear is fear of nothing-in-particular, just fear. And some of that fear is being afraid of getting hurt, of being laughed at, of looking foolish, of making a mistake, of losing face.

But fear is fear, and on the horizontal plane, for the horizontal self, there is nothing more important than to listen to the fear and avoid doing anything that awakens fear.

Result: your life is stagnant, your self-respect is disappearing, and you shrink, and shrink. It doesn’t feel good.

Fear is getting stronger, and you are getting weaker.

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An easy way to get to the big picture that can make your life worth living, regardless of the circumstances

the-meaning-of-your-lifeI am republishing this article… Because I am writing another article with a different approach about the same result… Being able to live a principle driven life… Principle can also be called “the big picture” of your life.

Gurus teach to look at life this way… but obviously even they don’t quite get it… The order of things is this: Being creates the kind and type of doing and the doing creates the having… If this didn’t make any sense, you are not alone… billions are in the same place of WTF does that mean?!

be – do – have

But getting it would make all the difference for you: suddenly finding constructive actions, actions that actually lead to what you want… And between you and me, that is not a small thing. I get lots of requests to muscle test for people if the actions they decided lead to self-growth, a better future, or not.

So, it is obviously not easy to see.

As any living thing, your first and main concern is you. What you have, how you feel, how safe you are, how happy you are.

Most people get stuck there: it is a “level of consciousness” thing… that is the level of consciousness where most people live. Really, 99.99% of humanity.
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Attachments are like snakes you have hanging from you

attachments-snakes-1I am trying to organize the information I provide people when they ask for their vibration, or whether they have attachments or not.

On a lark I measured if the student in the previous article had attachments. She felt so imprisoned… there must be a reason.

To my surprise she has 10 attachments.

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If you want the good life, you’ll need to “do” life differently

red-rock-coulee-c2a9-2012-christopher-martin-2406If you want the good life, you’ll need to learn some stuff, and unlearn some stuff… but most importantly you’ll have to learn how to and how not to… Remember the how? How you do anything is how you do everything… it is the approach, the attitude, the beingness.

There are a great many ways you can remain unaccomplished, and left behind in life.

Almost as many ways as many people. This is the Anna Karenina Principle.

As with everything, the strait and narrow works.

Most people don’t know that what keeps them off the strait and narrow is ideas they invented, made up, and now consider the truth.

One such idea is that unless you can jump tall buildings in one leap, you should just think about it, grieve about it, and do nothing.
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John Wooden’s way to raise vibration and consciousness

ff8f2f5e67bc4cc3517645bededace13I have been looking a map to show you how to get from where you are to a high consciousness, to a high vibration.

Today I watched two John Wooden (UCLA basketball coach) videos on youtube, and got the feeling that His method and his principles apply to becoming conscious and start the journey to become a human being.
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Bread of shame and the capacity that makes it OK to receive… by earning it retrospectively.

FREEBread of shame 1 is a term Kabbalah uses for a situation when someone receives and receives, with no means, no desire, or no opportunity to reciprocate or earn it.

Welfare recipients eat bread of shame.
Adult children who don’t pull their weight live on bread of shame

And I have had some opportunities for bread of shame…

Receiving bread of shame is often the perpetration in the perpetration-withhold dynamic.

You receive unearned benefits… and to compensate, you get angry and hate the giver. Nasty dynamic. Sinister.
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Seeing what you cannot see

bizarre-natural-phenomenon-tree-growing-bent-in-windWhy slowing down is a good move, a good strategy, but not a solution by itself?

One of the biggest missing is seeing the big picture. It’s across the board, and across all levels of intelligence.

Seeing the big picture is a practice, not a capacity.

You cannot see the big picture, until you stop, step back, and look.

Now, here, at the looking level, your vibration, your intelligence, your experience, your knowledge level is very important: you can’t catch what you don’t see, and you can’t see what you haven’t seen before.
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