How to become someone who can make good decisions that really serve you?

Is it worth it? Is it worth the bother, the effort, the work? Will it get me finally what I want?

One of the reasons people don’t like to try new things is because they cannot judge whether they can do it or not. Whether it will be easy or not. Whether it will be pleasant and enjoyable or not.

How come? Why is it so difficult? Life is complex, and most of us have no tolerance for complexity. Complexity, ambivalence, ambiguity are normal, but the capacity to hold them becomes available to you in only at a certain brain development age… If you got stuck in young child brain development, that is most people, you have never developed the capacity.

Can you develop this capacity now? Of course you can. What is preventing you from doing it? Your low TLB number… you are a Twitchy Little Bastard… and you can’t deal with complexity, confusion, or looking long enough to actually see something.

Some of my students, when they learned about my habit of looking long and more than just once… as a way to deal with my dyslexia, have started to practice the same… and their ability to hold controversy and ambivalence has increased… because of that practice. But if you fancy yourself smart, quick, etc. Looking long and hard is going to be difficult, because your precious “I” will tell you that only stupid people look long and hard.

Actually the opposite is true: your precious “I” is deceiving you and keeping you… eh… stupid. In the stupid as the stupid does sense. Continue reading “How to become someone who can make good decisions that really serve you?”

Wrestling back the steering wheel of your life from ADD, frustration, depression, anger, and more

“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.”

Of all the 10 starting point measurements, the most telling is your TLB score.

It tells me, and it tells you, how much discomfort you are able to experience and not run away mentally, emotionally, or physically. And therefore it tells you whether you can have the good life, health, wealth, love and fulfillment… or not.

Its activating mechanism is below your conscious awareness, and is quite habitual.

In modern parlance they call it “Attention Deficit”… but it’s B.S.

As long as there is no structural difference between an ADD person’s brain and a person who can stay planted… attentive, it is more a habit than a disease. Continue reading “Wrestling back the steering wheel of your life from ADD, frustration, depression, anger, and more”

Self-possessed… living from the Witness position, living from Consciousness

self-possessingThe question in your life is: who possesses who? Who possesses what?

But the answer to that question, albeit it is fashionable to think that the guy/gal with the most toys wins, will surprise you: the person who possesses himself wins, every step of the way.

I pretty much don’t know anyone with any level of self-possession: it can be measured.

People are like leaves blowing in the wind, flotsam on the ocean… out of control, hoping for a favorable wind… lacking what can only developed by rigorous practice.

Rigorous? Practice? Please stop laughing… you are out of control!

But like anything of value, it doesn’t come cheap.

In an interaction with a longtime student, I saw something. Here is the interaction:
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Penetrating the mysteries of existence

ayahuasca offered by a "shaman"There are two kinds of thinkings… or really maybe three.

  1. You grab onto something about what you hear or see, attach it to what you already think you know… and then either go deeper, or not, but definitely not go wider. Most people “think” this way.
  2. This is really the third way: no thinking… lol
  3. This is what I want to talk about in this article… holographic thinking. This is an uncommon way of penetrating the mysteries of existence…

Let’s define what we are talking about.
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