Homeostasis, growth, coaching, teaching… push or pull?

homeostasis upset by brain damageI had massive brain damage back in 1998, and many of my brain processing centers went dark… Pushing me out of homeostasis.

Looking back, having that brain damage is what helps me to do the work I do now. Because of that brain damage I experienced isolated parts of my intellect not being there, even though previously they were there, and of course were taken for granted. I just saw what I saw, did what I did. No big deal.

Reading and re-reading the novel, Flowers for Algernon was of tremendous help to know what was going on really.

If you only watched the movie, Charlie, you don’t, you didn’t think what there was to think, that capacities can disappear, but the memory of them is still there, the name of them is still there, so the only valid identification of a capacity is possible only through losing it. Continue reading “Homeostasis, growth, coaching, teaching… push or pull?”