The homework attitude and the desire trap

dreaming of a castleI got an insight today…

People are asking one question and one question only: how do I get started? How do I get to where I want to get to?

And when I tell them how to get started, they ask the same question again. My answer wasn’t good enough.

So the insight I got is this: when you followed the current harmful teaching to imagine yourself where you want to be, you are expecting me to hand you the key… not tell you how to build that new reality from the bottom up.

This ‘imagine…’ bullshit has destroyed people’s ability to see themselves, and reality, accurately.

Nothing works the way those ‘imagine…’ people say… everything in reality is built from the ground up.

Yesterday someone asked me how to talk to someone to get a date.

I offered, instead, to look if he is ready to date, if he knows what he wants from dating, what is his agenda, etc.
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