What is frustration? And what does it say?

All emotions speak!

I have, until a few minutes ago, thought that to be frustrated something needs to be block or hinder you in an action…

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The human species was ‘designed’ to reach the stars…

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
~ Buckminster Fuller

The human species was ‘designed’ to reach the stars… intellectually and spiritually.

If it were a spaceship, it came with a design flaw: you need to flip a switch  to leave the earth’s atmosphere, and it kind find the switch.

The switch to unload the earthly attitude is there, but it is incompatible with living on earth as a physical being fully relying on the mind’s translation of sensory information.

So humans can’t find the switch. Continue reading “The human species was ‘designed’ to reach the stars…”

Can you be soaring when you are anchored?

self-awarenessSoaring, the Magic, the magic that comes from Beyond cannot be forced… allowing is what works.

Soaring and what happens when you are in soaring is a lot like listening.

  • The listening that causes…
  • The listening that alters

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The greased chute… or what is the fastest way to lose your vibrational frequency?

What is the fastest way to devolve… the greased chute 1 to lose your vibration? To move yourself to the horizontal plane

  • Sometimes I write articles to solve an issue for myself… Tai calls this chess-like assiduity… 2 lol.
  • Sometimes I write articles to address and issue one or more clients are dealing with… and help them solve it for themselves. Because, remember, when things don’t go well… there is something that you don’t know/don’t see
  • And sometimes I write articles to prevent an issue for a client, and issue that is predictably coming.

This article fits category two and three… Some clients are struggling with an issue the other clients are about to encounter…

The issue is devolving. Greased chute to hell… Not a happy issue, is it?

So, let’s get starting.
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Clarity… the opposite of brain fog, of no clarity

The opposite of clarity is best expressed with this statement: ‘for you: everything is the same as everything else, except that not always…’

This is the condition of the current humanity. Continue reading “Clarity… the opposite of brain fog, of no clarity”

What is the level of your awareness? inside and outside

you don't know your ass from a hole in the groundFirst let me digress… If you search this question of google, you’ll find out that not many people even know what this question means, what awareness means… They confuse and collapse consciousness and awareness… It’s like they don’t know shit from shinola…

OK, back on track: If you went back to your high school class and were given the opportunity to pick one person. And you would get 10% of their earnings for your lifetime. How would you pick? Would you pick yourself?

There are many criteria you can choose by.

According to the 67 steps, the level of awareness is the most telling of how well a person will do in life. Continue reading “What is the level of your awareness? inside and outside”

Beyond the horizontal, beyond ambition, beyond desire…

climbing jacob's ladderI am re-reading Atlas Shrugged.

When the first two times I read it, I knew it was very important. but an essential aspect was missing for me. an aspect I just got a week or so ago.

This aspect, the difference between ambition and desire. that goes, hand in hand, with the word pairs, producer vs second hander, vertical plane existence vs horizontal plane. Continue reading “Beyond the horizontal, beyond ambition, beyond desire…”

Change your perspective… asking questions that upset your status quo

In the 67 steps there is a method to make decisions using a calculator. 1

Nine out of ten students skip it, the one that does it does it shabbily. Students won’t do it or won’t do it right even after I send them back to do it.

Why? Because the method uses questions that you don’t want to ask. Why? Because they upset the apple cart.

I read a book, years ago, by a therapist, for people who can’t make a decision to leave or to leave… 2 The one question that no one asked before was: when it was the best: was it really good?

I was in a relationship when I first read that book, so I asked the question and looked. And then looked at every relationship I had ever had. I found that even when it was the best, it wasn’t really good… for me. As hard as it was to accept that, I decided that I am not going to live on crumbs any more… I am happiest alone, married to my life-purpose… I left and I have been a lot happier ever since.

A new question is a change in perspective…

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Vibrational Reviews: Lisa Nichols’ Creative Visualization

  • Lisa Nichols and creative visualizationI like Lisa Nichols. Maybe the only self-improvement person I actually like. Why do I like her? Because she feels real to me. Does that mean that what she teaches work? No, it doesn’t. Does that mean that she has high vibration? No, it doesn’t.Her personal vibration was 200 a week ago, and is 170 today. What happened? She has expected her launch with MindValley to go better… I am guessing, I have no connection to Lisa Nichols.
  • What does a dip in vibration like this mean?

    It means that Lisa Nichols, at least as far as her business goes, lives fully on the horizontal plane, and poor success in a product launch is now effecting her. Should it? No…

    This was one of the last barriers to inner peace that I managed to pull: making my feeling and inner peace depend on my numbers, on my results, on my feedback. It rendered me a dog that is wagged by its tail. It was horrible… Now that I am rid of it, I have reliable 24/7 inner peace.
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