Vibrational Review: 5 stages of Consciousness Evolution by Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani becoming limitlessVishen Lakhiani is the owner of MindValley… a huge company promoting gurus and their programs.

The original article was to promote his webinar workshop on becoming limitless, on October 13. The webinar’s job is to promote their continuity, i.e. subscription to the $29 a month Mindvalley Academy.

Because so many people are interested in becoming limitless, or at least happier, I am going to review the article… I can’t review the webinar, or something I haven’t happened… but I can look at the person and his work any time, and make bold assertions to their results.

One thing that will clue me in is the truthfulness of this article… or the lack of truthfulness. I don’t mean honesty, by the way. I mean: are the principles valid? Do  the methods produce the results he claims they produce? Is the thinking correct?

This may take me days… I just hope I won’t miss the deadline.

So, here is the article by Vishen Lakhiani:

five stages of of consciousness evolution according to Vishen LakhianiThe 5 Stages Of Consciousness Evolution: Where Would You Stand Today?

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Seeing what you cannot see

bizarre-natural-phenomenon-tree-growing-bent-in-windWhy slowing down is a good move, a good strategy, but not a solution by itself?

One of the biggest missing is seeing the big picture. It’s across the board, and across all levels of intelligence.

Seeing the big picture is a practice, not a capacity.

You cannot see the big picture, until you stop, step back, and look.

Now, here, at the looking level, your vibration, your intelligence, your experience, your knowledge level is very important: you can’t catch what you don’t see, and you can’t see what you haven’t seen before.
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Osho: On Death

Osho Rajneesh on deathThis article, a word by word transcription of one of Osho’s talks from 20-30 years ago is very enlightening. You will see what is between you and enlightenment. Also, the stories and jokes are wonderfully funny… Read it.

What happens to Human Consciousness when the people of the world suddenly realize they are in the midst of an unstoppable, devastating plague that will kill most of the people they know?

It depends on different people. For one who is absolutely conscious, nothing will happen; he will accept it, just as he has accepted everything else. There will be no struggles, no anxieties.

As he can accept his own death, he can accept the death of his planet too. And this acceptance is not in any way a kind of helplessness but on the contrary, just seeing the suchness of things — that everything is born, lives and has to die.

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The greatest secret of life is that life is a gift. And so is happiness

osho: the man who loved seagullsI think, that of all Osho’s talks that I know, this is the most significant, and the most helpful, if you EVER want to be able to return HOME, to the present moment, where you can be content, happy, and start living.

Osho talks: The Man Who Loved Seagulls

7 May 1975 am in Buddha Hall

There was a man living by the seashore who loved seagulls. Every morning he went down to the sea to roam with the seagulls. More birds came to him than could be counted in hundreds.

His father said to him one day: I hear the seagulls all come roaming with you — bring me some to play with.

Next day, when he went to the sea, the seagulls danced above him and would not come down.

The greatest secret of life is — and remember it always — that life is a gift. You have not deserved it in the first place. It is not your right. It has been given to you, you have not earned it. Once you understand this, many things will become clear.

If life is a gift then all that belongs to life is going to be a gift. Happiness, love, meditation — all that is beautiful is going to be a gift from the holy, from the whole.

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Osho on Knowledge and Knowing


ZEN IS JUST ZEN. There is nothing comparable to it. It is unique — unique in the sense that it is the most ordinary and yet the most extraordinary phenomenon that has happened to human consciousness. It is the most ordinary because it does not believe in knowledge, it does not believe in mind. It is not a philosophy, not a religion either. It is the acceptance of the ordinary existence with a total heart, with one’s total being, not desiring some other world, supra-mundane, supra-mental.
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Osho: Players Of A Game… being extraordinary is the most ordinary

thumnail-phpIn this whole series, Osho examines a piece of poem or a story from a world culture that is spiritually meaningful. This poem is Japanese. Osho distinguishes being in the present, not being in the past, not being in the future, not desiring the present different from what it is.

Ultimately, this is the path to joy and happiness… Please read.

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Albert Einstein said: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Could this be applied to consciousness training?

einstein quote on consciousnessI am very lucky: the questions my students send me have caused me to have a deeper understanding for my own work.

These students are often seeking new insights in their pressing circumstances from me. Lately it is all about making a decision to stay or leave, to let go or to fight.

It is a huge responsibility to talk to people who are looking for answers.
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Models of reality: which one is true?


Reality is vast, vast beyond human comprehension.

The human brain may be vast, the human consciousness may be vast, but neither of them compares to the vastness of reality.

So no matter how much human consciousness grows, it will never be able to grasp all of reality.

It’s OK… it is just what is so.

Human consciousness, in its ambition, in its desire to comprehend reality, to reduce the risk that life is, to make life predictable and manageable, has been using models of reality: a model is a tool to simplify something complicated, and to make it comprehensible through generalization, imagination.
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Distinction: Politician, political

politician-funI have been planning to write an article about thinking like a politician.

I have been unable to. I have vague ideas, examples, movies, articles, real life politicians, and yet, no article.

So I got curious: I am not known for writer’s block, I was born to write, I was born to express.

So, I have been walking about my apartment, seemingly aimless, allowing an insight to emerge: what is the reason I am not able to write this article.

I am not able to see the behavior, the mindset from the inside: I am not a politician, neither in occupation, nor in mindset… I am looking from the outside… it is like an ugly bug to me. Most things that I write about are things that I can see myself doing… so maybe that’s what’s missing: seeing it in me, recognizing it, ugly as it may be.
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What Is The Holographic Universe, And Why It Is Important For You To Know It Inside And Out?

holographic universe: hologram or real? matrix or is there anything else? What Is The Holographic Universe, And Why It Is Important For You To Know It Inside And Out?

I’ve read a book 1 on the holographic universe. It was interesting, it was nice, but it was hard to see why it was useful to know it. Yet, this may be the most important piece of information that humanity needs right now. This information may change the future.

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