Genes, gene adjustment are great, but the human machine

the human machine is more complicated than a fighter jetGenes, gene adjustment are great, but if you continue looking in the mind to see what to do next, all those gene changes will leave you, most probably, unchanged.

I am doing a lot of ‘gene adjustments’ suddenly. And with that a lot of pondering.

The adjustment takes only a few seconds, because all I need to do is connect to the person, connect to Source, and utter the ‘command’ or request… So it is relatively painless.

But a lot of people also asked for their Starting point measurements… which means I need to stay connected to them for a long time.

And because the non-compliant genes, the baby genes that didn’t turn off, or the permission gene that makes people cling to safety, I am looking at all those 43 measurements suddenly differently… Continue reading “Genes, gene adjustment are great, but the human machine”