Develop your imagination: it will make you or break you

develop your imaginationDevelop your imagination. Without the ability to imagine futures, situations, you’re prone to only learn from experience, which is a most expensive way to learn.

Not every criminal (politician) is creative. In fact, most of them are definitely not creative.

So what do they do? They read plots, TV shows, novels, and knock it off.

Did I make it up? No.

One of my favorite writers, Lee Goldberg, has been both a book writer and a television script writer… and he shares several plots that were knocked off in real life. He says even the CIA borrows some writers to pick their brain: creativity is not an ordinary capacity… that is why people can’t even imagine the kinds of stuff that can happen, and are totally unprepared.

The cave paintings are a good example of using imagination to manage reality… because when you are confronted with reality unprepared, managing won’t happen: you’ll react with fear, you’ll react slowly, and die, or are left behind… mostly dead. Continue reading “Develop your imagination: it will make you or break you”