The third brain… immersion: the secret to mastery of life and growth

There are, in my experience, three thinking brains, at least potentially, in every human...

The first thinking brain, the mind, that is in cahoots, in collusion, working against you with the selfish gene. That is what creates a life of reactivity, full of fear, full of anxiety, full of sharp turns and devastating jerks. I've lived there... and I hated it.

The second thinking brain, the one that evaluates, reasons, figures stuff out, is slow and plodding, and hard work. Creates real solutions, keeps you out of trouble... but not fun.

And then there is the third thinking brain... the work of thinking is done in the background, on the back burner, while the foreground is silent, resting, or busy learning something new..

That is where I live now.

I am getting a few questions about that, and I decided to tell you as much as I can see... the mechanism is largely hidden from my view... It is in the background...

I'll use myself, and clients' and students' stuff as illustrations...

In the past month I saw more maturing, more "going to the next level" than I had seen in all my career as a coach.
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If it is easy to get, then it is worthless… Anything worthwhile is hard to master

One of my students gave me a kindle book for my birthday.

It's a book about practicing, for teachers. 1

The gift book came right on the heels of an insight I haven't shared with you.

I finished my third reading Ayn Rand's 1500 page philosophical novel. I still don't have my own words to say what she says.

I have one sentence, that is now mine, that I own, and the sentence is "A is A. If you wish it to be something else, then you are delusional." This is the cornerstone of Ayn Rand's philosophy, objectivism.

I am able to own one distinction. From the 1500 pages of dense philosophy.

I am OK with that. It's a process.

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Impostor Syndrome – One stumbling block to becoming an Expanding Human Being

writers-block-4This article is an old one... republished here...

It is puzzling to watch people not taking any actions that would make a lot of sense for them to take. They will cling, tooth and nail, to some status quo that only they see: it seems that they don't want to find out that they can, and they don't want to find out that they can't.

This relegates them into the status of has-been, or never-been. You can't hold onto anything, because anything that isn't growing is dying. And you can't become something more without growing.

Growing is risk: the risk that you need to find out that you are not as good (or not as bad) as you thought, pretended, claimed you were. Well... suck it up... but most people can't and won't.
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It’s hard but it is not hopeless… Filling the holes in your education

I have shared with you my experience as an architect... what ultimately failed me or made me fail... and want to quit.

But I'll repeat it here, in the wake of a TED talk I just listened to: the tendency of life and formal education to march on leaving you with holes in your understanding, holes in your knowledge.

In the third year of my studies I spent nearly the whole first semester in and out of hospitals, 10 weeks out of the 14 weeks. I manage to get a passing grade, but, looking back now, I would have been better off, had I been forced to repeat that semester a year later.

I had a big hole in my education. I could have had more than one hole... but I had one...

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Why I was miserable for 17 straight years… I didn’t know until just now

hey coach...As I said in a previous article, I am reading the book, The One Thing.

Most books, just like Tai says, are one-gold-nugget books. Tree of Knowledge. This one is full of gold nuggets. The One Thing book is a Tree of Life book

The nugget I discovered yesterday may be the most important thing I have missed, and I see others miss...

It is and have been in plain sight but at the same time it is invisible, like most new distinctions. Until you see it, you don't...

The nugget, this new distinction, is the foundation for the Ben Jonson quote from Poor Richard's Almanac: "He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master" 1

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The “and” game… What your resistance says about you

bad attitude, the attitude of resistingI got lucky today. I got to see something I haven't seen in a long time.

It's been many years that I "shared" with anyone.

Sharing is a Landmark Education distinction: you talk about some gain in your life, in a particular way, and if you did it well, the other person gets a tiny bit more than just a whiff of what you are "sharing"; they get a taste of it. A taste of your gain...As if you've given them a bite of your triple chocolate fudge cake... lol.

We were both early for the exercise class, and she was really relieved that she wasn't going to be the only student...

As I was changing to shorts, and gym shoes, I asked if it would be OK with her if I bragged... And she said yes.
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The 40 golf ball method of growing yourself and your life

the 40 golf balls method of growing yourselfHow 40 Golf Balls Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur

I found the following article on Linkedin. And I thought that publishing it, without editing it is a good idea, because the lesson the guy teaches, 1 is showing where and how you miss the ball, no pun intended, and what it is you can do to apply it to your spirituality, to adding spiritual capacities to your arsenal, to raising your vibration, to going from where you are to where you can get to.

One of my students, I'll write more about him after the golf-ball article, down the page, wrote to me last night:

He went to a comedy show with other entrepreneurs...

The comedy show was good but I don't understand any more why people have to get drunk to have a good time I forget what it's like and after 7 years of sobriety there is no desire to do it but man people become idiots I'm not judging it is just interesting I was observing people all night they came in shy then an hour later they are making asses out of themselves. The way I always look at it is I will feel good tomorrow and they are going to feel like shit so is it actually worth getting drunk when I can get high on life

When I first met this guy, he was so far from getting high on life, it's not even funny. But he actually used the 40-golfballs method, instinctively... and look where he is now
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Is Sophie enlightened? Has Sophie attained to whatever people attain to?

St Sophie, lolOften (too often!) people write to me telling me that I am not supposed to get angry, not supposed to be stingy, not supposed to be on thing or another... Why? Because enlightened means, according to them, forever joyful, forever happy, and rich, rich, rich.

So, what is the truth about enlightenment? Is there such a thing at all?

The answer depends on who you ask, but whoever you ask: they are speaking from Tree of Knowledge.

Why? Because if you say "I am enlightened" according to scriptures you are lying.
And if you say "I am not enlightened" you don't know what you are talking about...

Enlightened is a trick. Just like it is a trick to call Jesus (if he existed at all) the son of god.

It is to feed the masses with inferiority... you are not like that. Creating a caste system.

Or alternatively, since the last century, anyone who can say ohm, and sit in the lotus position is "an enlightened master 1 ", a guru, and your job is touch their feet and sit with them so you can entrain yourself to their vibration.

But my measurements of any guru is that they were and are low vibration, full of anxiety, impostor syndrome, who abused their power and had no integrity.
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Don’t be hungry! Don’t be eager! Don’t be hellbent on success! Don’t be infatuated!

grocery_hungryMany people may say to you: to be successful, you need to have fire in the belly. You need to be hungry.

So people, maybe you, beat yourself into a feeding frenzy, and set out to conquer the world.

Your mother said: don't go food shopping when you are hungry. Why? Because when your belly calls the shot, your higher faculties take leave of absence, and you'll make horrible decisions. You'll buy everything you should not eat, and enough food for ten. I have done it... horrid.

It is when the tail wags the dog.
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Inspirational quotes that make you feel worthless… How Facebook screws you up

inspirational quoteSomeone gave me a framed poster some 20 years ago. I have hated it that long... Today it became useful.

Some of the inspirational quotes we read are not inspirational at all, until we get to a place that they are useful. Inspiration as a momentary good feeling is useless, or even harmful. In the comparison, the mind's habitual activity, we always come out smelling bad.

Unless you can really use it to get yourself a new attitude, a new direction to move in, they are good on the surface, but destructive on the inside.

Why? Because it makes you feel even less apt, even less valuable, courageous, worthy, smart, confident, etc. than you were when you first looked at the quote.

This poster reads: "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal"

Now, stop for a moment, close your eyes, and experience yourself, your emotions, your mind, reacting to the saying.
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