Cinematherapy: what does it do? It teaches you to feel.

FeelingsMovies with good actors do it better…

American actors are mostly useless, but it may be because American directors have no empathy? And yet some of the most missing feelings I got from American TV series I have watched through Netflix. I have recently learned family love, and being able to choose, ultimately, what is win-win… in a series I am watching now, Blue Bloods about a Irish family of cops in New York City. I also had a peek at something I didn’t know I wanted to feel: how religion is for people who have faith…

I don’t know if it is the actors or the director that make the feelings real. But as an empath, I can tell if the actor is good or not, especially when it comes to express strong feelings.

I feel the inauthenticity, when there is no match between the situation and the feeling. With American actors, the biggest issue is that they had never felt what they are supposed to feel: they live in a desert void of feelings… just like a chess piece doesn’t feel dejected or elation… it is moved by someone outside of themselves.

Feelings are the most important ingredients in life. They show, like lanterns, the world… your world.
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The distinction between behavior and ability… doing and being

self-trustA new student of mine writes:

I think self trust is a big challenge for me, and building self trust is necessary as a foundation before I can trust others and build authentic relationships. I gain self trust by genuinely provide value and service to others. There is no short cut in gaining self trust and trust from others, and I need to build my skills and deliver my value solidly step by step, like building from the ground up to a skyscraper.

In my current choice in career path between the two opportunities, the important thing to consider is not what job it is, but rather which job allows me to use my skills to provide value to others in a solid way. I want to start afresh on a solid ground by being genuine in what I can contribute, and no more pretending that I like it or I am capable of doing the job while I don’t know what exactly I am doing.

I muscle test if he has the ability for self-trust active, and the answer is “no”.

His entire speech is a true reflection of our culture that ignores capacities.

Why? Because we live in a society that denies DNA differences between people, let they’d call you racist… but accepts and validates fight, killing, war, between religious beliefs, between different political parties… what a world we live in.
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Lower self to higher self, lower consciousness to higher consciousness, crawling to soaring

monarch butterfly

Knowing, being, causing, or being the victim of things.

In the Bible the verb “know” meant: knowing intimately. In bed, as a matter of fact. Or in hay… lol.

Today knowing means, for most people, is that their mind has heard about it. We are growing backwards.

Knowledge is power, information is poison. Why it’s poison? Because it fills you up, and you are never hungry for real anything… the poison, the make believe, the fake fills you up.

What the heck am I talking about?
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Love: are gurus loving? Did the Buddha really smile?

guru-smilingIs what they say about love and high vibration true? Or is love the way it is represented huey?

The following email exchange happened today:

6:09 am:

Paypal: Hello Shortcuts Inc.,

> This email confirms that you have received a donation of$2.00 USD to measure the vibration of X…

10 am:


I have recently requested a measure of my vibration, just wondering when I will get response?


12:44 pm

On 12 January 2014 12:44, Sophie wrote:

your vibration is 120… you hold it in the tip of your stomach
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Middle Of The Road: Public Inauthenticity or the art of getting off the hook


“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.” — Elie Wiesel Nobel Peace Prize laureate

“…to remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all.”

Obviously Elie Wiesel and I think alike, so I don’t remain silent and indifferent, I shout to whoever is willing to listen.

Now, with that said, let me get to the topic I indicate in the title…

I know a guy who has developed getting off the hook to an art form.

Given that I have been practicing finding the funny in everything (it’s fun, you should do it!) I laugh when I think of him, while I cringe.

As I have shared before, the fastest way to raise your vibration, all the way to heaven, is to practice public authenticity.
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Vibrational Review: Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code, and the Avatar State Audios… what’s the difference?

The-Emotion-Code-Glory1Revisited: What does the vibration number mean? Why are methodologies that actually help people rate low on the vibrational scale? I’ll compare and review the Dr. Bradley Nelson method, The Emotion Code, and the Avatar State Audios.

I just finished watching a few episodes of the Dr. Bradley Nelson show. Dr. Bradley Nelson is a showman, a great salesperson. I think it’s great: I wish I could be more like him doing the work I do. More people would flock to me.

Now, why is Dr. Bradley Nelson’s vibration as low as 190, occasionally as low as 170? Is he an unhappy person? Is this a case of the shoemaker who doesn’t have shoes?

The answer is no. I see two problems with his methodology that would result in such low vibration.

dr-bradley-nelsonThe problem isn’t as much his well-being, peace of mind, etc. as he isn’t in the business of empowering people. His methodology is to work through practitioners, and this model duplicates the system of the medical establishment, the church, the government.

In his system people are treated for an issue with a method that may work, by a practitioner who was “specially trained” to treat people with that method.

So people need to be sick for those practitioners to exist, which means his system perpetuates disease.
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How the Harmonize The Planet audio also zaps your anxiety

Being here and now has been a favorite topic of all the fake gurus.

What is a guru? A guru is a person who can teach. I said teach, I didn’t say TALK!

All the gurus I know are big talkers.

What is the difference between talking and teaching? On one hand, you can see the results of teaching: if the student is able to be what is being taught, in the domain of being, then teaching and learning took place.

Knowing about something is not real knowledge, it is talking. Just like talking about flying isn’t flying, talking about love isn’t love…

What makes someone able to learn being? After all, when you communicate (talk) being, it is taken up by the mind, and the mind isn’t interested in being, isn’t able to create being. Especially the mind isn’t interested in you being in the here and now.

Many teachers and courses try to bridge from the mind to the being… Affirmations, inauthenticity exercises, psychodrama, inventing a possibility, the solutions that don’t work well can fill a library.

Hypnosis, noise-treatment, light, sound, smell… visualization, psycho this and psycho that.

All have the same shortcomings: unless being is distinguished on a level beyond the mind, there is no learning, no alteration will happen in being.

Some teachings have a little piece here and there that are useful, but there is no system that has ever been successful. Not in the past 2,000 years, or maybe 3,500 years.

In the Path To Enlightenment Course I am attempting to teach what has never been taught: the art of being in the moment.

Now, a few words about that: you can’t teach being straight, directly. The only way to teach being is to distinguish all the wrong ways of being… Just like you can throw a dart and be off the bull’s eye, in being you can be off target in a million and one ways, and not hit the target being.

But so far, I have found, 3-4 different ways to be off-target that can be distinguished and taught, and there are a few indicators that you are off that even you can sense, feel, or see. The mind won’t be useful here…

One of the indicators is anxiety. Anxiety is easy to recognize, even though different people feel anxiety at different parts of their body, anxiety is so widespread, so ubiquitous, that I don’t have to spend much time identifying it with you.
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Vibrational Review: The Avatar Course of Harry Palmer

harry palmer the avatar course Vibrational Review The Avatar Course of Harry Palmer and Star’s Edge International

An outgrowth of the Church of Scientology.

Harry Palmer’s vibration today is 295, before the Planetary Activation, First Phase, his vibration was 250.

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