How lack of astuteness keeps us Sick. Your lack of accuracy

In this article I address the hidden qualities of food that hide that not all that looks alike is the same. I address milk, vegetables, and a lot more. I also reveal what is the reason people who use the Water Energizer get almost completely well, even before they change their diet.

The Logic System Of The Mind Is “Everything Is The Same As Everything Else … Except Not Always.”… and the mind, of course, is stupid

The test of a first-rate intelligence (astuteness) is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.

The comment that sent me to the article on the different cows that produce different milk woke me up.

Life is a lot more complex, has a lot more variety than our brain, hellbent on simplifying, is able to, or even willing to track.

I fell in hate with Bill Harris, when he said: water is water. That was in 2005. I knew better…

What I didn’t know, that everything that looks the same isn’t the same by necessity, only by accident. Continue reading “How lack of astuteness keeps us Sick. Your lack of accuracy”