Wrestling back the steering wheel of your life from ADD, frustration, depression, anger, and more

“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.”

Of all the 10 starting point measurements, the most telling is your TLB score.

It tells me, and it tells you, how much discomfort you are able to experience and not run away mentally, emotionally, or physically. And therefore it tells you whether you can have the good life, health, wealth, love and fulfillment… or not.

Its activating mechanism is below your conscious awareness, and is quite habitual.

In modern parlance they call it “Attention Deficit”… but it’s B.S.

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If you can understand it, it is probably not true, or it is not the whole truth

This is part 2 of the article “The crucial difference between people who are on the top and you

I will start with a confession: this is new knowledge. I myself have been part of the “not on the top” people…

Let me explain what happened.

About a month ago I read an article that had a list of 20 books that Charlie Munger recommends.

I measured Charlie Munger’s overall intelligence at 150. And decided that he probably knows something that I don’t. Both Warren Buffet and Bill Gates say that he is the smartest person they know… so who am I to not want to learn from him.

But instead of learning from what he says (you’ll see why later in this article), I decided to learn from where he learns from.

We have been doing the same in the 67 steps coaching…

So I promptly ordered four of the books on his book list, and started to read.

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Opportunity Seeker? Fixer? Looking for instant something? Or maybe know someone like that?

I have been thinking of approaching some of my friends and ask them to introduce me to their customers.

Most of my friends are in internet marketing, given that I have been studying internet marketing since 2004.

I need to be able to figure out what it is that is relevant, in what I teach, for opportunity seekers.

Opportunity seekers are hellbent in finding something that will make them instantly and effortlessly rich, smart, a winner, a stud… pick your poison. Opportunity seeking is like a drug, really, seeking is like a drug. It is like chasing the blue bird of happiness: it appears just within reach only to fly away once you get close to it. The more you are engaged the more addicted you become.

Opportunity seeking is addictive and it is an addiction.
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What is the purpose of life? For humans? For you and me? By design…


Later in this post I quote an article from the Monday Morning Memo by Roy Williams. Although he is a Christian, he is accurate… lol… I know I am offending most of you. Good. I’d rather offend than leave you untouched.

Roy Williams’ field is advertising, he doesn’t know about the machine and dynamic of the human existence, and can’t offer you anything other than inspiration. But that, the human machine is my field of expertise, my field of “engineering” solutions so you can be happy, fulfilled, satisfied, because the solutions work. They restore you to the Original Design.

I have very little access to “most people” since I’ve stopped my free connection calls. Nowadays you have to pay to talk to me, so that puts me in touch with some of most people, but not the bulk, just some.

People are much easier and more casual with that purse strings 1 and even a measly dollar spent on something not food, not junk, breaks their hearts. Junk? of course… bring it on! Knowledge? useful… Naah.

No, this is not an article ranting about people not wanting to pay the buck to get into my webinars, no. This is about my experience on those calls of people that did pay a buck…

In those Pebble calls we look at what is your heart’s desire. Depending on your current success level, I have noticed, the less successful you are the more your desire is for Easy Street, for getting, for just plain having what you want.

leisure3“Work? Work is for suckers, it should be easy.” And you flutter from thing to thing, from shiny object to shiny objects. “Shiny objects” is a technical term for a software or program or method that promises you instant riches at the push of the button. No work, lots of money, this is what the advertising says. This is what the guru says. Unlimited Abundance. Instant Healing. Blah Blah Blah… I have tested their vibration, and they are promising you a lie.
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Have Effortless Abundance

Sounds like an oxymoron, right?

After all unless you inherited your fortune or still live in the 4-star service environment of the womb… there is no such a thing… at least most of us don’t know about it.

I surely didn’t set out with that goal: creating effortless abundance.

Neither effortless nor abundance is part of my upbringing.

In fact I grew up to work hard (effort) and do not waste.

We were poor for a while, and my father never forgot that. But somehow, I became a hoarder.

I got beaten for it, but it didn’t stop me from doing it: hoarded the newspaper, the TV magazine, my mother’s manicure set… whatever I used, I wanted to own it, have instant unlimited access to it.

I lived in lack. It wasn’t real, but it was as real as if I were starving: it was my reality.

I wanted everything. I wanted to taste everything too… so I tasted and purged.

I was very protective of my time too: I would go to sleep around the time my parents left work, sleep through dinner and TV, and get up after they went to bed, to do my school work.

Sharing? No way.

I kept checks and balances and was very sensitive to be always around a balance: another scarcity tactic.

I didn’t have the goal to have abundance, and I didn’t have the goal to have an effortless life.

I remember 1987: just after the big stock market crash in October I lost my freelance job as an architect. I just bought a car, and spent all my savings on that. I was literally penniless.

I was let go between two sessions of a seminar called “More Money Workshop”

It taught that there is nothing missing unless you say so. 1 Hm, that was really new to me. I started to practice not saying so… I never considered changing my mind, I was really hellbent on surviving this unemployment phase without my mind going with it.
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