Is it curiosity or intellectual indigestion?

mental indigestionInput. Output. Is this what they are talking about when they want you to have life-work balance?

We are different in what fill you up…

I get filled up by contemplating.

If and when I don’t have the freedom to contemplate, I start drawing, what I need to give, from nothing.

Contemplating doesn’t make sense at first blush, and yet… there you are.

Some conversations leave me with more in my checks and balances, that I had before the conversation. Others leave me high and dry…

Reading seems like a good way to fill myself up… and yet. Unless the reading material is material for contemplation, it goes straight to fat like food that is undigested.

If you pay attention, I used some magic words that could tell you, direct you to seeing what enriches you and what robs you.

Most people run on just above empty… And yet most people are bloated, flabby, and not agile… lots of undigested stuff… from books, from even courses, conversations, even from calls with me.

Overeating, over-consuming… never digesting.

Contemplation, mulling it over, ruminating is a habit. Continue reading “Is it curiosity or intellectual indigestion?”