What makes you a human being is human being qualities… They are called intrinsic values.

Intrinsic means that whether you see it or not, they are there. Every human has them, overtly or covertly, expressed or not expressed, it is part of the human DNA.

When I talk about the Original Design, that is what I am talking about. Examining the DNA, it is the same, essentially, for all humans. And the DNA of all humans have 160 intrinsic values, capacities to be in a certain way, activated or not.

For example: generous. It is a state of being. It is wanting something for others what you want for yourself. Generosity is the opposite of the standard human attitude: It is and either or world. It is either you or me. Dog eat dog. Competition, comparing.

This is why Soul corrections whose main characteristic is comparison and competing, are doing so pitifully in the validation challenge: it this challenge the main job is to be generous.

But in the either you-or-me-world being generous means you allow another to be more than you, and that means, inside that worldview, death, or it means that you have none. You gave yours. Continue reading “What makes you a human being is human being qualities… They are called intrinsic values.”

Intrinsic Values and Your Vibrational Frequency

intrinsic values are like a diamond's facetsIn the All-That-Is vibration, which is the highest accessible to human beings, you’ll find all the intrinsic values, just like in a perfectly polished diamond, all facets of the diamond reflect the perfection of the whole.

What can raise your vibration? The mirror effect

In this article, we’ll need to distinguish three things:

1. what are intrinsic values
2. what you complain about others shows something fundamental about you
3. what you are, you attract

What are intrinsic values?

Intrinsic values (I use this as an ethical term) are the many qualities, capacities and feelings one would strive for, although they do not produce or provide anything tangible and fly in the face of self-interest.
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