99% fails at this… pattern recognition… But why?

chess trains pattern recognitionIn the early days of my participation in The Forum, back in the 80’s, the typical first few minutes were like this: A smartly dressed man or woman ran into the room yelling: for You Everything is the Same as Everything Else, Except that not always…

Stunned silence… who expected yelling… definitely not me! And what the heck does that even mean?!

Then right after he would yell: you have your shit together… yeah, that is all you have together, your shit! Continue reading “99% fails at this… pattern recognition… But why?”

This dude is calling me a liar…

At first, like anyone I know would, I felt slighted. Then I looked if I was really a liar… giving him the benefit of doubt… I desperately wanted to respond to his comment… but I knew I was reacting.

Then I put it aside… and this morning, as I was playing Freecell, I pondered about it. It is important to mention that I did that while I played Freecell… because mainly it is in Freecell where I noticed, distinctly and clearly, the behavioral change I mention in my comment.

OK, here is question I answered on Quora.

What is someone with a 160 IQ capable of that someone with a 135 IQ isn’t?

Here is the answer I posted:

I am going to answer the question from personal experience. With the work I do for myself and others, I’ve managed to increase my IQ to 165 from 135… actually, first from 110 to 135, and then through some years of practice and work to 165. It is 165 now.

The effects I notice are pretty intangible:

—I can view wider to connect dots. Continue reading “This dude is calling me a liar…”

If you can’t beat them… join them… Or what it takes to turn yourself into a high producer…

Warning: lots of footnotes in this article!

I am Jewish…

Jewish people are not genetically smarter than non-Jews… In fact, no ethnic groups are genetically smarter than others. And yet, certain groups test better both on tests and in life. 1Depending on the learning culture of different communities, the IQ numbers differ tremendously. But, in my humble opinion, when you take the child out of the environment, and put them into a different environment, their abilities, their IQ will match the new environment standard… so it is not innate, and not genetic.

This is what is meant by: “all men created equal…” genetically. Not smarter than they were when they left the Savannah of Africa, not genetically. No, with regards to capabilities, it is all in the “nurture”, not in “nature”.

This is the results of my thousands of muscle tests over the years. Continue reading “If you can’t beat them… join them… Or what it takes to turn yourself into a high producer…”