You probably do not know yourself as well as you think you do

no clarity, no accuracy, shotgun methodYou think you know. You think you know who you are, what is important to you, what you want, and what and who is running your life.

This is your approach towards life. Through what you know…

And your life is… eh, meh, at best just boring, not full of enjoyment. You don’t like yourself and you don’t like your life.

What if the only thing that is wrong with your life is your approach to things, approaching things through what you know… And this approach is the only reason you are not happy?

But the greatest mystery is water for the fish, air for the bird, and himself for a man.

One of the reasons you fumble and stumble and wonder, and seek, and are clueless, because you have a glitch in your world view.

It is not nature, it is nurture… you have been tirelessly and painstakingly trained to be a bumbling idiot.

Offended yet? Continue reading “You probably do not know yourself as well as you think you do”

Thou Shall Prosper: Know Yourself aka self-awareness

self-awareness, know yourselfThe Third Commandment: Get to Know Yourself… aka self-awareness

Awareness, and within it self-awareness ranks really high on the list of what are the most predictive capacities for a successful life.

Why? Because unless you interface with reality, with the world, with others, with what there is to do accurately, your actions will be misdirected… your energies are going to be used to fight windmills, and those are not the hallmarks of a successful person… in fact, to be successful, you need to use all you’ve got to live well, act rightly, and think rightly. Continue reading “Thou Shall Prosper: Know Yourself aka self-awareness”