Humans were not weaklings. They had to be made weaklings.

Humans didn’t become the peak of evolution because they are weaklings. Humans have a brain uniquely qualified for thinking, reasoning, choosing. For  95% of humanity not to know, or not want to use their brain for thinking, reasoning, choosing, they had to be made weaklings. Humans are meant to be highly adaptable supported by their disproportionately large brain. Individually. That big brain makes you human, that is your strongest point, and that is also what makes you vulnerable.

Each and every human alive today, regardless of their ethnicity, whether they can accept the DNA capacity activations or not, is able to be with a lot of adversity, that you, my dear reader, are not finding yourself capable of.

Everything seems to threaten your ordered little world, and it feels that if you can’t fix that threat, it will crack your world and you with it.

When I ask a student about this, either they say they are weak, or they say that they are strong, but their behavior belies a fundamental belief that they are weak, that they think they cannot deal with it.

This does not come from personal experience. Most of you have never experienced much that requires courage, or strength, or the capacity to make it through adverse circumstances. Beliefs are this are implanted, through centuries long conditioning.
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