Are you a zombie? There are reasons for that…

are you a zombie?For the second night in a row I am dreaming of spices.

My dreams repeat until I get and acknowledge what they are teaching me.

In case of this dream, the fact that the reason we eat spices because they have the trace minerals we need to live. To be healthy. To be well.

In Hungary, every meal has a compatible salad, which is NOT some leaf and salad dressing like in America, but some vegetable, some spices, and some vinaigrette of sort.

If it is not fresh vegetable in the winter, then it is a preserve. That has mustard seeds, or dill, or some other spice or spices.

The food we call vegetables has practically nothing useful for us in them, with the exception of the innocent looking zucchini, which is practically our only source of Manganese. And without Manganese we can’t sparkle. We can’t step dance to work. No energy, no shine. Why? Because most enzymes, the miraculous chemical agents, can’t be manufactured without them in the body. No enzymes, you dull. No enzymes and you are sluggish, you are sickly, you lack energy. Continue reading “Are you a zombie? There are reasons for that…”

You’d rather die than ask for help. People should volunteer

helpless-haplessAs I am observing my students they belong to two very distinguishable camps.

People who ask for help, and people who don’t.

I myself belong to the second camp. But my reasons for not asking help is different from yours… lol. Maybe.

When I look back at my childhood, I must have decided really early on that asking for help is useless. At best they say “go away”, or who do you think you are… At the worst they beat you up.

And I could use a lot of help. Especially in learning. Especially since by brain damage almost 20 years ago. Continue reading “You’d rather die than ask for help. People should volunteer”

The difference between feeling confident and being confident… or how you put your life in the hands of a liar

feelings-are-just-visitors-let-them-come-and-go-quote-1It’s Christmas Eve. Strong Southern wind… unusual noises… and bouts of wanting to weep. WTF? There is nothing wrong with my life, I am not connected to anyone in particular, and yet.

I muscle test if it is the Dark Side emotion transmission, and yes, it is…

Feelings come from who knows where, and yet, YOU are basing all your decisions on feelings. How utterly misguided is that?

If the feeling were: you can do it, you’d jump into an empty pool and break your neck… you and your teenagers have done that driving too fast… haven’t you? Or trying drugs saying: I am stronger than that… and get hooked. Or “one won’t hurt” of potato chips… and end up eating the whole bag.

Feelings are unreliable guidance… the source of feelings is not you, not something that even knows about you… it is outside of you.

waiting-for-good-weatherMany of you are waiting to feel confident to do anything requiring action. Or waiting for the fear to go away…
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On this side of the Great Divide even the best teaching

The Great Divide is what is between being a human, plagued by the incessant thoughts the unpleasant feelings and a HUMAN BEING, a divine being, that has the thoughts, has the feelings, but is largely untouched by them.

What if I could teach you to have your thoughts, have your emotions, have your physical sensations, and still be able to be happy, productive, and well… WITH them, without obeying them, without ignoring them, without fighting them, without arguing with them, without justifying them, without being bothered at all.

What if you could get unstuck by asking different questions?

What if the source of your suffering, the source of your emotional pain isn’t caused by what you think is caused by, but by what you do with it?

These questions, once you are on the other side of the Great Divide… they are easy, obvious, and common sense.

But on THIS SIDE of the Great Divide they don’t make much sense, and certainly there is nothing helpful about them.
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Why are people Judgmental? that is only the tip of the iceberg? What is at the base?

JudgmentYou may be judgmental, 1 and have been trying to change your behavior for a long time, unsuccessfully.

This, trying the change, is a part of a long string of things you are or have been failing at.

The REAL REASON is buried below several layers of justifications, and without getting to the base layer, the foundation of it, you will never be able to change the behavior.

You may be able to change what comes out of your mouth, but not what you think. Inside you still judge, and then pretend the opposite.
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Is the Law of Attraction true? Maybe… for some people… but definitely not for you

shameI just hung up with my friend… we talk every Sunday morning, and have been for seven years now.

He is one of my failure stories. 1

I have some of those. I have many quitter stories, I have even more testimonials, which are the stories of “flash in the pan” successes, and a few genuine success stories.

My results are not much better than others; the only difference, probably, is that I have a few genuine success stories of lasting alteration of being… lasting alteration of consciousness.

Most teachers encourage sharing of successes. ALL those successes are temporary, all those successes are “flash in the pan” successes… because the work that produces the success has stopped.

The definition of success, in a work of transformation, is PERMANENT alteration of the view of self, the view of the world, or consciousness. Alteration of personal reality.

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