What is the most important thing to practice?

If I were you, participating in my programs, I would ask me what is the most important thing for you to practice and maybe even bring it to mastery.

When I look at the people I have the opportunity to observe (not many), what I see is that they are mastering in:

  • resistance and
  • tish-tush. (avoiding responsibility)

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Are you trying to learn PhD level without having mastered kindergarten?

Before I buy something, a new tool, a nonfiction book, I muscle test if I should buy it.

In essence I ask Source a yes/no question. Shall I buy it?

I get a no answer more often than a yes. And then I ask some clarifying questions, one of them is: it is too advanced for me? More often than not the answer is yes.

Unless I have mastered, literally mastered the basics in that specific topic or discipline, Source will recommend that I don’t buy that course, tool, or book.

On Sundays I have a 90 minute call with a friend of mine. We have been doing this for 13 years, never missing a Sunday.

He is retired, works as a warehouse cleaning person.

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How you look at a thing makes all the difference

Sometimes I get up in the morning and then do maintenance stuff on my computer, of play Freecell, because there is nothing that is pressing me to write about.

As soon as I look at myself playing Freecell that it is a process I trust to bring up topics I could write about, within a game, 3-4 minutes, a whole topic emerges.

It was there, it just needed to be called.

Last Saturday I had a tech teacher of mine on my 3-wishes workshop. I invited him, I comped him in, and he came.

I treated him special, and he got to see something about himself that he can now deal with. He saw that his fixed way of being with nearly anything is that he is resentful… while he could be grateful. Continue reading “How you look at a thing makes all the difference”

Everyone wants to be self-confident… why? Does changing beliefs help? Does energy healing help?

Confidence: firm trust, a sense of self, appreciation someone’s proven track record

If you look up the word in the dictionary, that is not what you find.

All dictionaries are now in step with the tendency to make words vague, not matching the reality… this word is a crucial word in your vocabulary. Unless you get this right, your chances of having a self, and thus the chance for self-confidence are between zero and none.

No one takes my Starting Point Measurements Seriously. How do I know? Because I have literally haven’t had anyone ask clarifying questions about certain key words that will make or break you… Not even one.

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