When you give a new name, it changes your relationship to it

Turning things around… creating a turning point

I have a potential turning point for how I teach and what I teach… I saw it yesterday.

It’s a potential turning point, because I am not sure I can do it. After all I would be teaching something I did not learn myself. So I don’t even know if it is teachable. But at least now I understand what is going on. Why the results are sporadic.

I’ll explain later, after the story… but let’s start with a story, OK?

chopped Mirepoix in a cooking pan with carrots, celery and onion on the side on a kitchen counter

I’ve been cooking regularly since I was eight or nine years old. Don’t remember the age, I only remember what I screwed up then. So I am a veteran when it comes to cooking.

Something happened a few weeks ago.

I learned a new word.

Aromatics. I knew this word from Organic Chemistry… Yes, I went to school, and yes I learned what they taught. Didn’t you?

Onion, garlic, celery, even carrots… spices, herbs. All aromatics.

Aromatics refer to vegetables and herbs that add flavor and aroma to a dish. When cooked together, these ingredients help create layers of flavor in your food.

Just like with everything, food can be looked at from many different aspects. These aspects are called, at least in this work, DISTINCTIONS.

Aromatics is a distinction. The common denominator, what they all share, is that they release an AROMA when they are cooked.

Aroma is a distinctive, typically but not necessarily a pleasant smell, while in combination it is heavenly

You can look at cuisines through their use of aromatics. You can estimate the sophistication of the country and its culture through that.

Today, instead of learning to cook, learning to use aromatics, people go to a different country’s restaurant… Almost every country’s ‘cuisine’ is boring, flat, hard to enjoy more often than once a week.

Chinese, Tai, Indian… all dishes taste the same after a while.

My cooking, on the other hand, just because of that one distinction, has become explosively more enjoyable over the past few weeks.

Aromatics are like musical notes. You can create pentatone (boring) music with it, or you can create symphonies, musicals, rousing songs of love and loss…

Same with words…

Same with facial expressions…

Or the alphabet… 26 letters, millions of words and combinations.

Information… all the raw material you can work with.

The difference between a five star chef and you is simply the chef has distinctions. At best you can smell and taste the difference between something well prepared or not… But most of you can’t even have that much distinction, let alone doing what the chef does.

Same in every area. Music, literature, acting. No distinctions.

You may have a kitchen without ingredients. You may have access to many ingredients, but don’t have any distinctions of cooking, you’ll put ketchup on everything, or follow a recipe. Repeat the words…

This is what has been happening in my classes: you repeat the words. but there is no substance behind the words. nothing landed, nothing is useful, they are just words.

How you do anything is how you do everything. You are boring and you are bored… Skin deep.

Now, about the turning point.

Yesterday I found out that the raw material I provide isn’t made useful knowledge by you.

Just like raw materials in the kitchen, you need to process information to make it ‘haute cuisine’, really good food. And unfortunately it is the job of the cook, not the job of the person who sells the raw materials, in my case information.

You may think you can cook, but you learned to make the dish, not cooking.

Unless you know and are masterful at the basic techniques of cooking, you are not a chef, You have not mastered distinctions.

I challenged one of my students  to learn to cook. She misunderstood. She thought I said: be able to prepare some food for yourself.

No, I said: learn to cook.

I recommend that she starts with just onions and garlic… and takes that to mastery…

It can take months, years to mastery.

But once you have ONE distinction, you are well on your way. now you know what you are driving at. Until then… you have no idea.

You can’t work on everything and hope that you’ll end up with distinctions!

But how you do anything is how you do everything… like a puddle.

Alas, you have never been taught to ‘cook’ information into enjoyable and useful ‘dishes’… and if I ever want to make a difference, I may have to teach you myself.

The name of the activity is called, I think, critical thinking. Not because it accepts or rejects the information, as one would think from the word ‘critical’.  It is more like critical because if it is missing, the information isn’t processed.

My articles, my videos, my courses. Chunks of raw pieces. not useful.

So I am now embarking on learning how to teach what I do, instinctively. I was born able to do this processing information. So I never had to learn it.

I integrated every piece of new information. But it is not common. It is a thinking skill.

None of my students have it. It is the number one skill to achieve anything in any area of life. And my hunch is: those who have it don’t think that others don’t.

I found a pdf on critical thinking… But my intention is to teach it, like I was taught the letters… the teacher was holding my hand holding the pencil as WE made the circles over and over, to form the letter o.

Creating a muscle-memory-like phenomenon, when no thinking is needed for knowing or doing.

I may still write my regular articles, but my main effort will be to teach (at least a handful of people) the minimum of critical thinking so they can actually benefit from what they see and hear.

We’ll start with the idea of sideways view. So far no one is understanding what it is, it is just senseless information. Not useful.

The result: people cannot get out of their own way… and get into reality. Meaning: they remain in their minds where nothing is real…

Is there a DNA capacity that if it is not on, you can’t do it?

Not specifically. But in my experience, you need to be willing to feel stupid, a beginner, and stop trying to prove that you are smart, or anything that you normally try to prove.

It is counterproductive… works against allowing the brain muscles to learn to do what they have never done.

Do I have anything that makes being willing easier? Yes. The Big Bundle. It is an energy audio that you play directly into the ears. The energy makes Consciousness aware that what is going on is important. It makes the brain aware that something unusual is happening. So the brain can tell the muscles to stop fighting, and for the fear and anxiety to go away.

I use it, on my ears, about ten hours a day. Whenever I can.

Get the Big Bundle
PS: here is the video that created the distinction for me

What is the most important thing to learn and practice?

If I were you, participating in my programs, I would ask: what is the most important thing for me to practice and maybe even bring it to mastery.

When I look at the people I have the opportunity to observe, what I see is that they are mastering in:

Continue reading “What is the most important thing to learn and practice?”

Mastery? Nobody got time for dat! the 8 billion’s attitude

This article will be about mastery… and the path to it…

Mastery is a missing distinction… as if really ‘aint nobody got time for that‘. It is so missing that people don’t even hear me saying it. It is up with the idea of distinction… nobody hears that either.

But why are people not hearing me? So this article is going on a hunt, hunt not for Red October, but for the stuff that blocks even hearing… Ready? Let’s go.

Here is a ‘podcast’ I did back in 2018 right after I broke my left wrist…

Two years ago I took on going for mastery in writing articles. I spent a few thousand dollars on all kinds of training. Courses, books, newsletters. A few days ago I had to ponder if I was boring people. I wrote about it…

I got an email next morning from Hawaii. Continue reading “Mastery? Nobody got time for dat! the 8 billion’s attitude”

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Teddy Roosevelt said that, and not many people listened. Even less are listening now.

Let’s see why?

Do what you can. Yeah, what CAN you do?

Most people I know have never taken the time to develop any skills. They are amateurs in every area of life, in everything they do, including the work they get paid to do. Continue reading “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Are you trying to learn PhD level without having done kindergarten?

Before I buy something, a new tool, a nonfiction book, I muscle test if I should buy it.

In essence I ask Source a yes/no question. Shall I buy it?

I get a no answer more often than a yes. And then I ask some clarifying questions, one of them is: is it too advanced for me? More often than not the answer is yes.

Unless I have mastered, literally mastered the basics in that specific topic or discipline, Source will recommend that I don’t buy that course, tool, or book. Continue reading “Are you trying to learn PhD level without having done kindergarten?”

How you look at a thing makes all the difference

Sometimes I get up in the morning and then do maintenance stuff on my computer, of play Freecell, because there is nothing that is pressing me to write about.

As soon as I look at myself playing Freecell that it is a process I trust to bring up topics I could write about, within a game, 3-4 minutes, a whole topic emerges.

It was there, it just needed to be called.

Last Saturday I had a tech teacher of mine on my 3-wishes workshop. I invited him, I comped him in, and he came.

I treated him special, and he got to see something about himself that he can now deal with. He saw that his fixed way of being with nearly anything is that he is resentful… while he could be grateful. Continue reading “How you look at a thing makes all the difference”

Everyone wants to be self-confident… why? Does changing beliefs help? Does energy healing help?

Confidence: firm trust, a sense of self, appreciation someone’s proven track record

If you look up the word in the dictionary, that is not what you find.

All dictionaries are now in step with the tendency to make words vague, not matching the reality… this word is a crucial word in your vocabulary. Unless you get this right, your chances of having a self, and thus the chance for self-confidence are between zero and none.

No one takes my Starting Point Measurements Seriously. How do I know? Because I have literally haven’t had anyone ask clarifying questions about certain key words that will make or break you… Not even one.

For example, no one has asked me what is awareness, really? Or what is trust? Or goodness… etc. Continue reading “Everyone wants to be self-confident… why? Does changing beliefs help? Does energy healing help?”