Experience junkie? Spending all your money on courses?

the experience junkieI used to be a course junkie. I have recovered… This morning’s incident is a good indicator…

I found myself this morning unable to connect. Connect to Source…

When I closed my eyes, I was buzzing…

I muscle tested: Am I tired? The answer was “yes”. Shall I rest? The answer was “yes/no” Shall I meditate? The answer was “yes” Shall I meditate for five minutes? “yes”

I closed my eyes, and within seconds I had this huge upheaval, with lots of tears.

Now, what the heck is that about?

I didn’t forget that I have been downloading the Day of Power energy over the past 36 hours… and whatever is there, spiritually, can spill out, and be gone… really fast.

I don’t care what was in that sob. It’s gone. I also don’t look at my poop and wonder what was in it… unless I do… lol.

But you? are you still a junkie?
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Updated: Why are there so many fake gurus?

michael jordan taught with his behavior and his attitude. how many listened? not manyI had an interesting insight today.

Recently a man from Switzerland came to the site, bought some of my energy audios, and even came to a call. Although his vibration was very low, he had interesting ideas, and I was excited to work with him.

Today he wrote me  a “Dear John” email, saying

Sophie, …you probably wondered why I did not attend the seminar yesterday.

when trying to connect, my computer refused the connection. this expresses a change of mind I felt yesterday.

I knew, that this path is not for me. therefore I will sign off , thank you for accepting.

I also thank you for a life-changing week and wish you the very best

I felt grief, pain, sadness, and allowed it to just be there… I felt that this incident is going to take me to a place I hadn’t seen before.

And it did… here is what I saw:

Download the pdf version of this article to your computer… Link at the end of the article

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Why is it harmful for you to search for information on the internet?

leaves-flyingKnowledge is power. But knowledge is different from information.

Information is someone’s opinion, someone’s take on something… totally unreliable. It depends on the person’s world view (sheep or individual), and intentions. Looking your organs that look outward you can only see what can be seen… not even one layer below… You see what they want you to see.

If you have no core, if you have no substance, every opinion, also called information. will sway you… will blow you around like wind blows dry leaves in the fall.
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Muscle testing: How do you know that you are asking the wrong question?

muscle testing hand positionOne of the signs of human arrogance is that we think our questions are relevant. That our questions will get answers that are usable, useful, and truthful.

Nothing is further from the truth.

When you ask your question you are already too deep in “knowing”… much like a detective who has already narrowed his search and investigation to one suspect: if the detective is off, the questions are off. And even if they get a yes answer every step of the way, that won’t make the suspect guilty… They asked the wrong question… and there are not enough yes answers to make it the right question.
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Can you wield energies? Do attunements work? Are they needed? Is Reiki real?

attunement art at https://iasos.com/artists/walter/In yesterday’s article about the story that marketers use to connect to you, to connect to your need, to prove that they are special, I made strong statements that I want to repeat and provide some evidence.

Some of the stuff that story-tellers sell to you actually work. Regardless of the story.

Now, I don’t have a lot of examples, because I am not a consumer of hyped up products, but I do have one example I’d like to share with you: it is very educational, and quite stunning.

Back in the year 2000 I met this flaky guy. He was quite cuckoo. Circumstances, story, blah blah blah later, he convinced me to buy an energy from his energy guy.

It turns out, the energy guy was Matt Schoener, the energy system was Omega Shakti System (no connection with the Omega Center in NY).

It was very expensive, and it was quite bs sounding, but I did it. (By the way, this guy loved to push me to spend my money on stuff he liked… I hated that, but on the long run I am grateful, I would have never become who I am today without those things.)

The energies were palpable, and they worked for me instantly. Meaning: energy shot out of my hand… wow. Quite amazing.
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Until recently you could get energies in only three ways

how to get energies: now we know four ways to get energies What it is that I am learning about energies and what is so revolutionary about that?

Until recently you could get energies in only three ways:

  1. you were attuned by someone who had the energy. Attunement is an implant type of procedure. 1
  2. you discovered that you had access to a certain energy. It seems innate… You may call it having been gifted, or some other way that makes you sound superior: the truth is that you probably earned it. Your vibration is probably higher than “normal” and you probably regularly connect to Source.
  3. someone dumped it on you, whether you were ready or not. I have only heard tales of that: I can’t testify about the veracity of the claims. 2

I have discovered a fourth way to get energies.

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