What you are doing now is not working. You deserve better…

you deserve what you haveWhat kind of deserving is in that title?

Systemic? Extrinsic? Intrinsic?

  1. Systemic would be: you are on my site, you are reading this, therefore you must be a good person… also deserving?
  2. Extrinsic would be: you have provided me with a lot of value, but what you are doing isn’t getting you the results, the rewards you deserve
  3. Intrinsic would be: you are a human… deserving a chance at a great life. Of course you need to earn it. Let me show you how to stop what you are doing and teach you a way that is going to work…

Of course I mean the third one. Intrinsically…

I don’t know you. But I know life… And I know that life is more unforgiving than I am.

Because, guess what, you have what you have deserved.

Don’t kill the messenger.

Now, if you want more, better, different than what you have, you need to deserve it. 1
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