You want money? Are you a producer or are you a consumer?

In this article I examine you and your world and help you see if you are a consumer or a producer. Only producers benefit from my work. If you are a consumer, you can become a producer but it is hard… and worth it. As a producer you can become all you can be with my work.

nation-of-moochersIf you are a student and you pick and choose what to read, you’ll end up with an incomplete knowledge of what I teach.

It’s like learning some letters of the alphabet, and not the others…

If that is you, please examine your reasons of being on this site, and start telling the truth: you are not here to become all you can become, you are here to consume.

What do I mean?

The world has two types of people, the producers and the consumers. This is obviously just one way to look at people, but it is a very interesting angle, you’ll see. Because their behavior, their principles, their mindset is very different. Continue reading “You want money? Are you a producer or are you a consumer?”