Is it the volleyball that saved that man’s life at open sea?

A man survived at open sea adrift clinging to a partially deflated volley ball

What allowed him to survive? It was the hate of the idea of dying.

Yesterday I watched, again, the amazing Danish movie ‘After the wedding’.

The dynamics were played out with good acting and good directing: The one with strongest hate wins. You hate to die, but you hate to leave your loved ones with no father figure more than death. Continue reading “Is it the volleyball that saved that man’s life at open sea?”

Is the Ego a friend or a foe? Let’s look!

Can the much maligned ego be the answer to your prayers? Praying to get unstuck?

Ego is a strong driving force… if it is encouraged to be so.

It is also a strong anchoring force. Continue reading “Is the Ego a friend or a foe? Let’s look!”

What’s the difference between Ray and most people?

subliminal messagesWhat is my biggest challenge based on my experiences with my non-producing clients?

First off: Not everyone is a non-producer… this guy, Ray is not one.

Here is his story of how he got hired for his dream job..

A decade or so ago Ray was a programmer, and he hated his job, hated his life. It needed none of his personality, which is often the reason you hate your job. I hated architecture mainly for the same reason…

One day he heard about the option to be a ‘sales engineer’, a sales person to sell software, technical stuff… Talking… yeah, that was more up his alley.

The interview was to do a sales presentation in front of two women…

He had his powerpoint ready…

His first slide said: Warning! This presentation includes subliminal messages. That got the two women puzzled… Continue reading “What’s the difference between Ray and most people?”

Your motivation, the motive power that propels you forward

I don’t feel motivated! I can’t get motivated enough to get this done! Motivation is missing… can you help?

This, motivation, motive power is the topic of this article… but first: how it came about… OK?

Yesterday I had one of my ‘historic’ Sunday calls… A call I have been having for 14 years.

I use the calls to get insights into myself and into the invisible. Motivation, motive power is in the invisible… all we can see what we feel, and what we do… but motivation… that, we can’t see. Continue reading “Your motivation, the motive power that propels you forward”

A cool dog story or what is motive power?

Missy... a should motive power dogThis dog story illustrates something profound and new in this article: motive power.

This story is about two dogs.

The female is Missy. The other a male, Jojo.

Missy is a medium-sized… I am not good at dog breeds. She is friendly, reserved and weighs 15 pounds.

Now, Jojo, the male, is a real character. He’s a dachshund. Jet-Black/yellow in color, and weighs just 7 pounds.

Guess who’s the boss in this relationship?

Well, it ain’t Missy.

Jojo is only 7 pounds, but his small stature doesn’t inhibit him in any way.

He strides right up to the biggest dogs ( including Pit Bulls ) and extends a friendly greeting. Continue reading “A cool dog story or what is motive power?”