Vibrational Reviews: answering readers questions

This is a whole lot of teachers, healers, gurus, etc. who you asked for in answer to my question: do you have the right teacher? Enjoy.

Leonard Orr-Rebirth Breathwork,Arnold Mindell-process-oriented psychology, Buddha, Dr. Jewel Pookrum,Roger James Hamilton, Brendon Burchard,Dr. Maxwell Nartey,Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby,Dr. Shea,John Kehoe,Abraham Hicks, aka Esther Hick,Neal Donald Walsh,Burt Goldman,Craig Hamilton,Willie Gorman,Marisa Russo,Brigit Goldworthy,Wendy Tullis,Sri Chinmoy,Dr Yubraj Sharma,Panache Desai,Brother Ishmael Tetteh,Lilliya Nita Mahalani,Mariam Nour,mary nakoor,Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi),HH Dalai Lama,Ramana Maharishi,Aurobindo Mother (Mirra Alfassa),Kasey, Brad & Julius,Jarrad Hewett,Norm Shealy,Master Weixiang Zhang,Nikola Tesla,Melinda Lee,Swami Sivananda,David Spero,Darren Weissman,Gary Douglas,Dain Heer,Rudy Hunter,Robert Holden,Laurel Mellin,Joe Dispenza,Suze Casey,Pam Grout,Michael Cotton,Mary J. Getten,Steven Russell,Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj,Zaki Chobya,Lincoln Gergar,Almine,Dr. Teresa Dale,Dr. Donna Embree
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Are You Stupid? Are you being stupid? Did you miss the point?

Summary: You may be stupid and don’t know it. The biggest breakthrough for a stupid person to declare that they are stupid. Why? Because it would force them to look before they act, talk, argue, say yes, or say no… Stupid is an attitude, not an ability…

So, what is the attitude of a stupid person? They think that they understand everything. They think that what they see is what’s there…

Koan: For you Everything is the same as everything else … except not always

This belief, that you know everything, is an entirely mind-based concept. It is based on something tricky: that your understanding of words, connections, contexts, is accurate.

You can be certain that those understandings are NOT correct. It is a childish and arrogant thing to think that your understanding is correct and that looking at other people’s teachings through your current understanding is going to give you an accurate view of what they are saying.

I’ll give you two examples, but before I do that, consider the saying:

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail… we’ll get back to this later.
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Tr. Blessing, Tr. Foundation

If you want to raise your vibration (raise your vibrational frequency) any modality under 500 is a poor choice. This includes religion, etc. Everything. Under 500… won’t raise your vibration. Under 500 everything is Tree of Knowledge: disconnected from Source

Trivedi energies, blessing: 195 (They are Dark Side energies, that’s why the low vibration)

Trivedi, an East Indian scientist or engineer? A hack? A guru? A fraud? is new to the American scene.

He gives blessings, in person, in groups, and over the telephone to large number of people.

His stated purpose is to prove to the scientists that this works, so he also gives blessings to animals, growing fields, etc.

I went on his monthly blessings $50 a pop program.
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