The pretense to know… and cancer. The pursuit of smarts

That’s me on the picture, 20 years ago… Waiting to get wet on the USA side of Niagara Falls… A perfect example of becoming… Scared, anticipating, not knowing what is going to happen.

We, humans, negotiate our way in life… with circumstances, schedules, things, and other people. From cradle to grave… we could say, that is life… negotiating every step, winning some and losing some.

But here is the thing: the rules are not clear, not clean, and not overt.

You cannot be sure what constitutes winning, and what constitutes losing a step… in fact, most steps: you have no idea.

But, as society, as a race, we have trained ourselves to pretend: to look as if we knew… maybe even feel as if we knew. Continue reading “The pretense to know… and cancer. The pursuit of smarts”