How you can get back Your Harmony, Flow And Grace


How You Lost Your Harmony, Flow And Grace

If You Have Lost Them, How To Get Them Back

What is this article about?

It is about how the mind is an aberration, how it is like a cancer, how it enrolls you, makes you lose your harmony, flow and grace

This article will need me to distinguish a few things, for you.

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The New World Order: How It Sneaks Up On You

new world order You know I am a movie lover: every movie teaches me something it never intended to teach… it was an unconscious motivator of the movie makers… and this is what I want to talk to you about today.

First, before you start thinking about Hollywood movies and other cliches, I am going to talk about foreign movies. That is where you are going to see, clear as the sun, how this insidious and unstoppable (?) “trend” goes towards The New World Order: the uniform slavery of all peoples of the planet under the thumbs of a handful (5) few.

There have been a quite a few movies, Israeli, a German Jewish Movie, a Turkish, and a Hungarian movie.

nowhere in africa... Let’s start with the Israeli movies. Israeli Jewish movies.

Jews have been the scapegoats of society for about 3400 years.

Suddenly, out of the “blue” everyone knew that the Jews are responsible for all the troubles of all peoples. Draught: it must have been the Jews. Epidemic? it’s the Jews fault. Poverty, obviously the Jews had something to do with it.

Anastasia from the Ringing Cedars series says that it was a man-made phenomenon: the priests of Egypt picked the Jews for the “job”.

So, here we are 3400 years later, and the Jews are better at hating themselves than even Hitler hated them.
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Who is the enemy? What is the enemy? How we are duped into being willing sheep and flaccid puppets…

I have known that we are sheep… I can see it. Everywhere.

Thinking is not taught, not encouraged, only having thoughts.

Critical thinking isn’t what gets you promoted in corporations, and besides, who has time for that with the television on 24/7.

I spoke with a guy today who puts a micro speaker under his mattress and it blasts music all night, lest he would have a moment of quiet to face himself and his shadow side.

The new world order, compared to it the “Brave New World” or “1984” or “The Matrix” were nothing like a fantasy…

The only question is, are there enough people that care… or humanity has really degraded itself and have given its aspirations up for greatness and accepted, like sheep, slavery.

Watch this documentary below and let me know if the New Humanity could count on you… or if getting off is the best choice… Please. Comment anonymously, I don’t mind. Just speak up. Let me know what to expect. OK?

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