Field of relationship? What the heck is that and why should you care?

father-child fieldThe only field of relationship, the only field of communication that leads you to growth, that leads you to raise your vibration is what I reveal in this article.

I have a student whose biggest contribution to me is asking questions, the kind of questions that make me stop and look to give an answer.

As the father in our father-child, teacher-student relationship, I am immensely grateful… eyes fogged over grateful.

Because he is so faithfully in that field of relationship, everything he says is truthful. No intent to deceive. Also no desire to be accepted: he knows he is already accepted.

Father-child relationship is NOT your human standard. You didn’t have it with your father. You didn’t have it, most likely, with a teacher.

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The Truth Method: The Mechanics Video

This is a video from 2012… Because some things don’t change, because they work. But…

The new article from today, about no forcing, has been missing for many people… so I am republishing this article to be on the same page as the “no-forcing” article.

This video shows you how I use muscle testing to tell truth from falsehood: the Truth Method. (also called applied kinesiology, by the way). Two minutes… short enough?

Muscle testing is also called applied kinesiology. Although it is widely used, from the articles that follow you’ll see that it is not as straight forward and reliable as “they” claim it is… Make sure you read the articles after you watch the video. Start here
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