Depending on how you look at something, it has many facets

What you see is what you see. What someone sees when they look at what you are looking at, likely that they will see something else.

Some two decades ago I participated in a two-hour workshop where the leader began with asking the audience what color the notepad she held in her hand was… Obviously it was white. And every moron could see that it was white.

But then she flipped it over, and now we saw her side, and it was brown cardboard… Darn…

I just learned something. I have stopped arguing then and there… Continue reading “Depending on how you look at something, it has many facets”

Turn around fast enough to catch your shadow

This article explains how come that you can only interact with Maya, which is ‘not that’ in Sanskrit, i.e. not reality, illusion, shadow play, the hologram, etc.

It is much less mystical than the Vedanta imagines it: it is quite simple and it’s explained in this article.

Without the capacity that I speak about here, you are going to continue living in Maya for all your life. Continue reading “Turn around fast enough to catch your shadow”

Why did Jesus really say: turn the other cheek?

I haven’t been a guru follower, but I have always been curious and skeptical about the gurus reporting about their enlightenment as an incident that started out hard and then suddenly it became funny so they laughed, maybe even rolled on the floor.

What was the funny joke they all shared?

I always had a hunch that if you wanted to keep a secret you wouldn’t share it with anyone… not even one other person. And they didn’t.

So what is a secret you don’t want to share, if you are supposedly a guru, a teacher? Continue reading “Why did Jesus really say: turn the other cheek?”

Albert Einstein spoke about the levels of consciousness

levels of consciousnessI am very lucky: the questions my students send me have caused me to have a deeper understanding for my own work.

These students are often seeking new insights in their pressing circumstances from me. Lately it is all about making a decision to stay or leave, to let go or to fight.

It is a huge responsibility to talk to people who are looking for answers.
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Caterpillar, what does it take to enter butterfly state? At least temporarily…

insight must precede application... caterpillar to butterflyYou can’t talk to a caterpillar in butterfly language: It won’t land.

I read my Rob Brezsny horoscope every Tuesday morning. I use it as guidance, I use it as a possible context for my week.

Last week my horoscope was:
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Want to grow? Master outcome independence!

outcome independenceZen: Chop wood, carry water. An outcome independent series of actions. Outcome independence .

Western Culture: What is your why? Create big audacious goals, take bold actions…

One is outcome independent with an overarching goal of inner peace. Not now, not at this moment, but for life.

The other is outcome dependent, judging every step for the result it produced or not, resulting in misery. Continue reading “Want to grow? Master outcome independence!”

Desire trap… or how desire takes you out of the present moment.

desire trapDesire and ITCH are largely the same state… neither can be fulfilled, neither allow you to be happy… ever.

I speak about this in

How do you get rid of a desire? You can only suppress a desire for so long. How can I search and destroy the root of the problem?

To begin: the question shows that you have a desire to be desire-less… as far as “bad for you” desires go… very funny.

There are no desires that are good for you.

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Can you trust yourself? No, not yet… You need…

Can you trust yourself? No, not yet… You need a Paradigm Shift: Own what owns you

I get affirmation from wherever, when I am on the right path… here it goes: I just finished this article, and here is my Rob Brezsny horoscope…

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Burrow down as deep as you dare, Virgo. Give yourself pep talks as you descend toward the gritty core of every matter. Feel your way into the underground, where the roots meet the foundations. It’s time for you to explore the mysteries that are usually beneath your conscious awareness. You have a mandate to reacquaint yourself with where you came from and how you got to where you are now.

Make it yours… if you have the courage… So you can become free. The process is more intricate than Rob Brezsny indicates, but it is also more rewarding.

OK, onto the actual article…

I have this very interesting and troubling insight:

People want to learn to act from their inner authority without ever finding out the bad news about themselves:

…who they have been being, that “told” them to do all the things that made their lives not work, or not work as well as it could. Continue reading “Can you trust yourself? No, not yet… You need…”

Are you a dabbler, a sampler, an “I’ll try that” person?

One characteristic of the 99% is that they don’t heed Alexander Pope’s warning:

“A little learning is a dang’rous thing; / Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.” 1

This behavior even characterizes the 99% of the One Percent.

Why is being a taster, a dabbler, a person who samples, tries out, but never drinks deep from anything keeps you from joining the 1%? Continue reading “Are you a dabbler, a sampler, an “I’ll try that” person?”

Happiness, the good life, lies on the other side of a paradigm shift

One of the most telling measurements in my Starting Point Measurements is the number of spiritual capacities you have active in your DNA.

The world, humanity’s average score on that measurement is 0.4. My students’ is 0.6.

Why is that a telling measurement, Sophie? you should ask, but you don’t. 1

OK, let me explain even though no one is asking. Spiritual capacities are DNA capacities that only open when they are needed to get work done with them.

Some work cannot be done well, some things cannot be performed well, some things cannot be seen accurately or at all without one or more capacities.

Example: A medical doctor cannot diagnose well,

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