The sad guru… Paramahansa Yogananda

Possession-of-materialYogananda… I have measured his vibration at different times, in different contexts, always having a different number come up. So today I spent some time in his space… to see what’s up.

Paramahansa Yogananda was a sad person. For two reasons, the two sides of the same coin: he had something that he wanted to share, and it wasn’t shareable.

His words are simply his idea what made him the way he was, and the words did not communicate. Did not do for others what they, he thought, did for him.

So, slowly but surely, his words became a lie. Now, he himself wasn’t the way he said people should be: he had sadness, grieving, devastation move into his heart.

And greed… wanting. Wanting it to be different. Wanting that burning go away from his throat and his upper chest.

And then it all fell apart… and what remained is pretense.

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Vibrational Reviews

Number after the person’s name signifies personal vibration, unless it’s an organization, then it signifies truth value.

The numbers are vibrational numbers, on a 1-1000 logarithmic scale.
Total truth is 1000…
Look at the map to see what each level feels like

Harrison Klein 170
Bruce Lipton 170
Gregg Braden 210
Eric Pearl 150
Joan Borysenko 210
Howard Martin 210
Guy Finley 170
Sue Morter 150
Bruce Goldberg 130
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