Why is the average truth value of a good article only around 7%? That is a very low number! Please explain…

As you may have noticed, it is harder and harder for me to write an article a day. There are 4000 articles on this site, and they all came easily… if I remember correctly. But suddenly I have nothing to say. Or better said: I have only to say something when someone asks me, like in coaching or on a webinar… otherwise I feel there is no listening for me to say something, therefore I have no desire, no urgency to say anything.

Why? Because I feel that I am far too removed from the mainstream, and other than my students, no one can hear me, and even my students can hear a small percentage of what I say.

So last night I pondered, instead of sleeping, whether I was done. Finished, emptied, used up, dried out. I am not depressed, by the way. Continue reading “Why is the average truth value of a good article only around 7%? That is a very low number! Please explain…”

How to have all the skeletons in your closet come alive and conspire against the future you invented, the future you desire?

skeletons-in-the-closetThere is a myth humans hold onto, that if they stay angry and something or someone, then they are better people than who they are angry at.

All pretense… which is bad in and of itself, but there is more…

When you are mad at something you did, or mad at someone who did something you recognize… then you are hooked.

Hooked on that angry mode of existence.

Locked in the anger, locked out of freedom, future, happiness.

As long as you hold onto that anger.

I think it may be useful to dig deeper at the invisible dynamic…

Your anger, your hate seems to be against someone. They did something…

But underneath, under the surface, not even deep, is the real cause:
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Delusion of choice, bread of shame, perpetration-withhold… dynamics in the invisible reality

what is your level of vibration?I am like a dog with a bone… and this bone, even though I have talked about it, is going to get some chewing done on… because it is coming up and is in my face.

OK, what am I talking about?

We have been talking about reality… a lot, but mostly we have been talking about the visible part of reality, what the Martian can see.

Now, that is just great, but what about the invisible part of reality, the more than 90% of reality?

Really good and tricky question. The invisible part is, by the way, the “don’t know that you don’t know” part of reality.

But, luckily, we do know some stuff from that invisible part due to some incredibly observant people who can connect the dots… visible, invisible, principles that are true in either area. Continue reading “Delusion of choice, bread of shame, perpetration-withhold… dynamics in the invisible reality”

Where there is anger there is a lie underneath…

How your integrity, or the lack of it is one of the keys to your raising your vibration, or not raising it…

Yesterday we had a last session of the course, From Upset to Communication.

The call was nearly all about integrity… or the lack of it.

There are countless ways to violate integrity.

The most significant ways are

  • lying by commission
  • lying by omission.

We all tend to know when we actually say something that is a lie…

We rarely know when we lie because we don’t know what is the truth

And we almost never realize that withholding the truth is the worst thing we can do for ourselves. It is a lie by omission.

I have written about, and taught the inner dynamic of perpetration-withhold before, but it seems that it is never enough. I have 3000 articles on this site, and no person can read them all… We are talking about more than 30 full size book worth of articles… that is a lot.

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The path to truth


This article has three parts: truth in science, truth in growth, and truth in hindsight…

There are two ways to “do” science:

  1. you have a theory, and you set out to prove it. You ignore everything that doesn’t prove it, and consider only what does.This is how current science works… especially when the livelihood of the “scientist” comes from a concerned party, like a drug company, or like the government.

    The eye movement of this type of “scientist” is a narrow cone of vision, glued to what he wants to prove.
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Bread of shame and the capacity that makes it OK to receive… by earning it retrospectively.

FREEBread of shame 1 is a term Kabbalah uses for a situation when someone receives and receives, with no means, no desire, or no opportunity to reciprocate or earn it.

Welfare recipients eat bread of shame.
Adult children who don’t pull their weight live on bread of shame

And I have had some opportunities for bread of shame…

Receiving bread of shame is often the perpetration in the perpetration-withhold dynamic.

You receive unearned benefits… and to compensate, you get angry and hate the giver. Nasty dynamic. Sinister.
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Without distinctions everything looks the same as everything else…

if you want a rewarding lifeIn the old Landmark Forum, or in the old 4-day Forum, the old Advanced course… the course leader came in yelling: “for you everything is the same as everything else…” or alternatively: “You don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground”.What are distinctions and what they have to do with a life worth living?

What they meant to say is that you don’t have distinctions and therefore life is a mess of undifferentiated stuff… and you have no power with it.

Distinctions are the different ways to look at things. There are a lot of those… most of those you don’t have.

In the normal course of events you judge things looking through the distinctions you have. Why? you don’t have a choice about it.
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Wanting makes you vulnerable

a bird in the handMake a list of areas where wanting, your wanting dominates the situation. Where you are in the situation purely or mostly because you want something.

What can you want? What do you want? How to find it? Look for where you want

    • love?
    • attention?
    • friendship?
    • sex?
    • money?

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When you love yourself, you love your life…

when you love yourself you love your lifeYou find yourself not sleeping well, eating the wrong thing, not taking care of yourself… Maybe you are getting signs of depression… Maybe you are procrastinating…

How can you restore yourself to wellness? You don’t even know why you are not able to take care of yourself…

Your integrity is out… your sensitive conscience will not let you be well until you set things right.

We do things, little or big, that hurt others, hurt us. And then we expect to have a great life. Not possible.

But certain symptoms start happening. You can’t concentrate, or you can’t sleep well, peacefully. Or you don’t do what you know you must, you procrastinate.

To get out of the deep hole you inequities put you, you need to start taking small steps to restore your integrity, to restore your wholeness.

You can’t love yourself, when your integrity is out, and you can’t love your life when you don’t love yourself.

It is a downward spiral like the tread of the screw, every turn of the screw takes you deeper and deeper into the mire.
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Invisible dynamics: I am such a giving person, why do people hate me?

soul correction: do-gooder A student of mine lives in the same town as I do and for a while he used to drive me around to do errands.

Then I realized that it made him feel entitled to insult me on calls, so I put an end to that arrangement.

That was about two months ago.

He sent me a few emails offering rides, etc.

We even spent a few good times doing “exploring your own neighborhood” type of things, like visiting lakes and such.

Every email that he sends emphasizes that he is giving me something, asking me what I need… etc.

I stopped wanting anything.

I don’t want him to give me anything any more. I experience a feeling akin to hate or anger rising in me every time I think of him.

My regular driver is taking a break: she works at the New York State Fair for a few days, and I am driverless. I need stuff. But I won’t ask my student for help because of what I want to share with you.

If you are a perpetual and compulsive giver, you think that you are a good person, don’t you? Am I correct?

Consider that people will be willing to take what you give them, but secretly they hate your gut.
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