What if respect is not what everyone says it is…

what if respect means seeing yourself and the other a person?

After I checked the election’s vote counts this morning, I cried. The cry of the innocent on trial… no, make it the sob, when the jury comes back and the verdict is read: not guilty.

Of course it is not over until it is over, but the little flames of hope are starting to break out from under the ton of soil I poured on the fire of hope: that America becomes the country I want to live in, instead of being ashamed of living in.

I am for all people. Whether I like them or not.

Whether they make more money than me, are heard more than me… for all people. But, it seems, that unless some principles are held up, like the ones in the Constitution, this is not how the world works… and the Constitution has been made a decoration instead of the cornerstone of this country for the past four years, and I was losing hope so much, that I had to bury it.

Now it is threatening to come out… thus the sobbing. Because 50% of this country, roughly, has voted, twice in a row, against being a country for all. Continue reading “What if respect is not what everyone says it is…”