You are an object living in a world of objects…

My day started with an email that I got a comment on one of my old articles on Access Consciousness.

The modality taught by two good looking dudes, and frequented mostly by women.

The comment writer reports on her experience being groomed for being a sex object in the sex cult…

I felt her anguish (don’t forget I am a freaking empath… )

I muscle tested to be sure: she wasn’t lying.

Of course I should have thought that being considered a sex object, like a dildo, like a sex-doll is part of the objects-among-objects level of consciusness.. but I didn’t… I wept. In my long life every single sexual encounter was like that. I felt like a dildo… And having become too old to be used is a relief for me. I can be a person now.

I approved the comment, I looked in Google, and I was stunned to see that such accusations have been around at least eight years…

OK, time to wipe my eyes, and do my job… Cause a world where you can be a person… Cause a world where you treat others as a person…

So I read emails from my Validation Challenge. Continue reading “You are an object living in a world of objects…”

A full 93% of humanity and 97% of my readers live as an object in a world of objects

I looked at yesterday’s top picture on the article quoting Socrates. He is quoted saying: Be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle… That saying can only be said by someone who lives as a person and considers others as a person as well… The minute minority of humanity.

In Socrates age more people would be able to heed that commandments: more people lived and honored others as persons… More than today, almost 2500 years later… Human consciousness, spirituality, is evolving backwards. Devolving.

Yesterday started with crying for me and ended with crying for me.

Crying is an expression of something… and if you allow it to express itself, it blows itself out… I am the master of allowing. In my world nothing is wrong, nothing is verboten, except what’s phony. that is not allowed.

Yesterday’s article was a huge discovery for me. Continue reading “A full 93% of humanity and 97% of my readers live as an object in a world of objects”