Spiritual Arrogance

1-spiritual-arrogance-pict-1Humans have a dual nature, a dual nature that is the enemy of growth, enemy of learning, enemy to the survival of the species…

Arrogance and pride…

Arrogance is duality itself.

  • It says, on one hand: I already know. I know. I am beyond that.
  • On the other hand: OMG, I am so stupid. I make so many mistakes. I better slow down, and not be so sure.

We call the arrogant side “it” in this article. And it talks. And it knows. And it pontificates…

What “it” says it knows? It knows everything. It knows if it is worth it to listen, if it is worth for you to do. It knows if you can. It knows the future, the past, what it all means, what it doesn’t mean, what it’s all about, what is important and what isn’t. Continue reading “Spiritual Arrogance”

Your accuracy, your comprehension, and other topics, including the Fat Burning Brain

why-your-gut-issues-may-be-a-brain-problemSome of us, some of you deal with issues that step from physical issues.

for example, if your mother got pregnant while undernourished, especially in the 90 essentials, you may have developed a number of so-called genetic diseases… that are not genetic at all. Including dyslexia or some form of cognitive displacement issues.

Dyslexia is a brain issue, where certain specialized brain cells went to the wrong place.

Easier to see with an example: had your hand cells went to the wrong place, you would have a hand grown in the middle of your arm, not at the end of it.
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Ignorance in health matters is killing you

granny with flexibilityThis is not a gimmick… This old lady can do this and a ton of other stunts…

The question you should ask not how she remained so flexible, because who cares…

Instead ask a question that is relevant to you:

What is it that you can do to regain some of your flexibility, some of your energy, so you can enjoy life more, feel younger, look younger.

That is exactly what I did.

It started nine months ago. I am 69 years old, and nine months ago I was in pain. I was depressed. I hoped I would die in my sleep. I saw no future for myself.

The smallest things were too much for me: it was a major pain for me to take out the garbage… because I had to climb a flight of steps. Cleaning? I could not clean…

In this article I’ll tell you exactly what I did, and what YOU can do to achieve similar results.

I’ll list all the steps… How I went from depressed, no energy, 35 lbs overweight, limping, and ashamed old woman… to… Full of energy, optimistic, never tired, and almost 100% pain free youngish old woman… lol.
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Are you addicted to learning more and more and more? Do you use what you learn?

simply-buying-online-red-300x153Do you ever wonder why you are sometimes filled with energy and ambition, at other times you don’t want to do anything new?

I am not talking about an emotional cyclicity here, like you have in bipolar, I mean your activity level is fluctuating…

One of the reason can be what I call accumulation and consolidation.
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Updated: Energy medicine, energy remedy… what the heck are we talking about? I cannot wrap your mind around it!

subtle energies illustration: the concept of subtle energy

Summary: Energy remedies are the next line of defense, the next healing modality. Eearly adapters are raving… but the general population, hasn’t even heard about them, don’t trust them. But they work, and they work fast and effectively.

I never believed in energies, until 2010. I actually thought of anyone who babbled on about energies that they were flakes… I accompanied my boy friend to a get-together with a friend. They spent a few hours swapping energies… Showing off.

I was prepared to be bored, instead I was, in quick succession, tormented, delighted, soothed, uplifted, and torn apart by the energies they gave to each other.

Energies can be defined, felt, transmitted, and infused in suitable medium.

You go to the chiropractor and they use light or laser therapy… you see the light, you believe that something is happening.

You get X-ray: you believe that something is happening.
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Unusual Healing Modalities

mms and other offbeat healing modalitiesThe Cleansing event went well. The energy was reasonably strong, and the feedback is that people felt the energy, felt their hands warm up, felt the nausea, so it showed people that something was happening.

Some people wrote to me that they are afraid to attend because they can’t afford to get the healing crisis in the middle of the week. I understand. I made sure that the duration of the energy in each position was really short.

The next call is on Monday, and I am wondering what will happen afterwards.

I am not particularly committed to the path of healer. Why? Because people that are interested in healers, or healing, are mostly people that have physical issues, and they want to fix them.

I like to be on the side of health, on the side of life, on the side of power.

I am not interested in fixing anything: Every solution is the beginning of a much bigger problem. This has been the story of life on earth… remember, the Holocaust was the Final Solution…

Regardless, let me impart some of the “solutions” I have met in the recent years, that I have tested, and at least for a while, found useful.

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On Breathing: difficulty breathing, pressure in the chest, holding your breath, etc… how the harmonize works

I have started a brand new thread on breathing. Why?

It seems that all our emotional issues first manifest themselves in the difficulty of breathing, and only after a period of that will the physical issues of stomach trouble, heart trouble, cancers of all kinds will start to show up as a result of the blockage of the breath.

I have known, for some time, that I am supposed to help, but my tools were imperfect: if the blockage of the breath came from a single feeling, like simple reactive anxiety, or simple reactive fear, or worry, or impatience, or a moment of shame or guilt… the Heaven on Earth worked miracles.

On the other hand, until recently, when the blockage came from an attitude, a fixed attitude, the Heaven on Earth did not help, whether you got it in drops or in energy format directly from me on a call.

Until recently, I said, because the Harmonize Your Vibration (used to be called Harmonize The Planet) audio has changed it all. It seems to shake the status quo and dislodge those long-stuck fixed attitudes, and people are able to move in areas where they were stuck.

One result I saw, with myself, is that I have started to walk the hill again after I started to play the audio, and now I am up to five times a week… I wasn’t willing to walk for about five years prior to that, so this is a big deal.

Anyway, I wrote an article on that new thread, check it out… or you are not into reading more, but want to attack your discomfort in life at the root, get the Harmonize your Vibration audio: it harmonizes your vibration to mine…

New! Hands-on Self Healing Course Starting February 5

Finally this morning I got the instruction from Source (All-of-It) to teach you how to heal yourself.

The Tangerine Method® puts the power to heal in your hands…

Why I didn’t start it before? I don’t know if you have been paying attention, but I don’t do anything unless I get the guidance…

This morning I woke up at 5 am and all my being was centered around teaching people to cleanse their liver, their brain, their heart… I was so excited, that I actually got out of bed that early, and designed a course for you. I normally get up between 8 and 9…

In addition to all the anxiety and anguish, people also struggle with all kinds of physical issues, and they deserve to be taught to heal themselves. This is how they can get their power back, and start becoming a real human being.

If I can teach a lot of people in an hour or two a week, I am all for it.

Read more about it

From My Correspondence: Aaron, Dr. Z: my vibration is higher, bee bee bee!

kundalini rising is a snake like energy starting from the base of the spine In an email Aaron asked me to measure his roommate’s vibration. He sent me his name. Dr. Z. I measured it and it was 150.

Turns out that both guys work at a clinic and the guy I measured is a champion (?) at manifesting and muscle testing.

So Aaron sent back to me what his roommate, Dr. Z said about me:
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