Pick your battles…

pick-your-battles-feelingsPick your battles… have an organizing principle

A good 20 years ago I had lunch with a famous seminar leader from Landmark. We had a long history, and she shared with me how unhappy she was, and how ready she was to quit leading seminars for Landmark Education.

I was quite dumbfounded… she was the best in the country, the most effective…

She said: “We teach people to be more effective, and many use the technology to be more effectively dupe people, abuse people, exploit people, make the world a worse place than it would be if they were not equipped with what we teach them.”

I didn’t have an answer for her… but I was pondering that myself for the past 20 years.

And this morning I am as close to having an answer as ever…
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Pick your battles

Pick-your-battlesEvery Tuesday my driver picks me up and takes me shopping, to the chiropractor, and other errands.

It makes me look like an old lady, but that doesn’t make me an old lady… yet it took me quite a while to warm up to the idea of having no wheels of my own.

I pay her $30 cash, and I didn’t have any cash yesterday. So I paid with my debit card and asked for $40 cash back. I normally use the self-checkout line, faster for me.

I was putting away my groceries and I noticed that people were waiting, so I hurried up, and got out of the way. 20 minutes later I noticed that I didn’t take my $40, so I went back to ask if the employee overseeing the four self-service checkout machines held the money for me.
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