Tools For Your Soul Correction

soulcorrection: are you sure you want to know it? Soul correction is an active process. No one can do it for you.

Soul correction is the path to raising your vibration.

Every soulcorrection is a theme around which your life can be turned around: it’s like a pivot point.

It is a specific way you block the Light, it is a specific way YOU are not in the process of becoming an expanding human being, it is your way of “desire to receive for the self alone” i.e. at someone else’s expense.

You remember, the Creator doesn’t play favorites. It won’t take away from one to give it to another. Regardless if the other has right to what they have or not.

This is why when I ask the Creator to protect me from the Dark Side people, the Creator says No. Because protecting me would be taking away what is theirs, good or bad, or indifferent, won’t matter.

So the Creator is not like your dad who beat up your neighbor kid because he took away your toy, or yelled at the teacher because she gave you an F. The punishing, angry, selfish, jealous god is the figment of human imagination: no such thing in reality. As thee is no heaven any other place but potentially on Earth.

So, back to your soulcorrection:


  • knowing intimately what it is is very important.Your Bach flower profile, i.e. which of the 40 feelings are part of your persona, are invaluable. Each of those feelings are “desire to receive for the self alone”

    They are your reactions to life, and they limit you, make you sick, poor and miserable.

  • Finding your default “name” and inventing new ones (from the Art of Soaring book and upcoming course) are probably the most precise but the hardest to master. And, of course, the harder something is to catch the bigger the result you’ll experience.

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Turning Points: how to create them in your life? Part 1

pivot and turning point

Turning Points

In this article I am going to illustrate ways to create a turning point in your life. I will highlight the words “turning point” so you won’t miss any. If you can learn at least one method, your life will never be the same. I guarantee it.

In my conversations with people, what I see, more than anything, is that they don’t know how to turn things around.

Although they don’t know, the pivot point of any turn needs to be their soulcorrection. Everything else is just change.

I am writing and re-writing the soulcorrection articles, and I will do this until I find a way to get through to you.

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