The capacity to see the consequences of your actions

The capacity to see one’s way through, without the need to muddle through is possessed by about 1% of humanity.

It is the same capacity that can clearly see what your current actions will result in if you continue them.

It is the same capacity that can see what changes you need to make in your attitude and in your behavior to effect lasting change.

It is the rarest capacity… but it is also the hardest capacity to make work for you if you don’t have the habit of looking.

In a Landmark Education seminar, Inventing Yourself, there was a session where you were asked to stand in front of what you have never seen, what you can’t recognize from memory, and keep standing there until you see it. Continue reading “The capacity to see the consequences of your actions”

The process of becoming a genius…

Notice that you want to do things out of order…

…for example: fix something that you don’t understand what it is, you just KNOW that it’s wrong. Put the cart in front of the horse. Never bother to find the cause… the real cause of anything… the laws of nature.

You may be doing all the steps that can produce the results you want, but what happens if and when you are doing them out of order? Or you don’t give enough time to each step to perform its magic, out of greed or hunger or impatience?

You’ll lose time… you’ll lose money… and you’ll lose your faith. Continue reading “The process of becoming a genius…”