What is your numbnut/moron score? How would you know?

I am sure you think you are clear. The stuff you say, the number of words you use accurately in a language gives away your level of clarity… And it’s low. I measure it as the 10th measurement in the Starting Point Measurements.

When I say clarity, I mean every area of life… including health as you’ll see later in this article.

Now, why is this important? Because your clarity is what defines whether your actions, your reactions, your emotions are going to be in line with reality or not.

Whether you’ll be astute, or a numbnut. or anything in between. Continue reading “What is your numbnut/moron score? How would you know?”

The sculpture method in health… or 70% of Americans are plagued by Candida…

By Garnhami - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=58399522This article is about the way you can get well if you are not digesting your food well enough… because of Candida overgrowth, or because you eat the wrong way.

I don’t have any problems finding a topic for an article, because I, myself, am a learning machine.

At some point I managed to drop all or nearly all of the content of “Who am I?” or even “What do I know?” and now nearly every question is a learning opportunity.

I learn from your troubles, trials and tribulations.

Case study #1: I have a new health client. He is 11 years old…

…and he is struggling with frequent sore throat. (Frequent antibiotics treatments!) In every other way he seems like a normal 11 year old boy. Continue reading “The sculpture method in health… or 70% of Americans are plagued by Candida…”

Another missing piece of the healing puzzle…

chicory-endiveI learned something today. It’s a big catch. And instead of being ashamed… I am happy. Because we can all get better because of it.

I don’t know about you, but I am always surprised when I learn something new. What there is to know rarely show up as something that is missing… and most of my reading rarely results in substantial learning.

But today, two major things… What a day, eh?

One I can share about, the other: I am in the middle of it, so I’ll share once I have made it instinctive part of my life.

This one, the one I can share, is about digestion and well-being.

Before today I had never heard about prebiotics. Or if I did… I must have pooh-poohed it. Just like you pooh-pooh (to express disdain or contempt for; dismiss lightly) many of the things I write… lol. Continue reading “Another missing piece of the healing puzzle…”