Abundance Or Scarcity? Choose… Updated

water doesn't exist for the fishThis article is from 2014…

Often anything can kick you into the horizontal plane 1 . I got kicked into it… the horizontal plane, and now I am working my way off… it is not that easy. I can’t even connect to muscle test… the horizontal plane is sticky. It wants you, all of you. It eats your life for breakfast.

Let me explain: Humanity (you!) lives on the horizontal plane at this stage of evolution. It is both the starting point and the end state…

On the horizontal plane everything is about comparison. More, better, different…

The good old days…
I want what they have, because I don’t have it… and I want it.
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What is the right attitude when being coached or being taught by a teacher?

… and by “right” attitude I mean the attitude that gets you what you wanted from life… 1

A assume that we are all afraid of being mislead, misguided, lied to. The fear is well-founded: most people don’t know what they are talking about, most people are wrong, and some even lie so they can make money off you.

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Judge, Pre-judge people? Pre-judging is a cognitive bias… how to avoid making stupid value judgments…

blind-justice prejudiceOur prejudices often rob us from seeing what is in front of us.

Prejudice is a simple two-part word: pre-judge. Meaning: judge from some simple criteria, like the color of someone’s skin, the strength of their grammar, their clothing, or whether they curse or not.

And then we stop looking, because the judgment is already there: this or that.

Pre-judging is a cognitive bias, it is the mind’s attempt to save you time. It is accurate for our purposes of survival, about 60% of the time. 40% of the time it is inaccurate, and leads to stupid, self-defeating decisions.

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Getting things done… fast (12-week Mastery review)

SuperheroIn this article I will share with you a period of my life when things happened with a lightening fast speed, and I made those things happen.

It was 1988, and around February I got fired. It was my fault… I forgot that I was supposed to lie to cover for my employer… and I let the truth slip. So I got fired.

Then I got really depressed. I got thrown out of a program I loved and was really good at in Landmark…

I had no income, no hopes for income, and I was depressed.
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Raise your vibration. What should be your first steps?

You want to raise your vibration? Don’t know how to do it?

I talk to at least ten of you, readers, every day, through email. The question is always: but what do I do to raise my vibration?

The answer, when I give it to most of you, goes right over your head. We are like two trains passing each other in the night… I am not getting through to most you and therefore I can’t make a difference for you. But why is that?

This is what this article is about… so read it, and read it a few times, until it’s crystal clear.
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Case Study #4: Landmark Education

Werner Erhard, founder of est and the original source of Landmark Education

I first participated in what is now called Landmark Education back in 1985.

I lived in an immigration hostel, I worked as an architect and town planner in Jerusalem and I was miserable.

In quick succession two Russian immigrants killed themselves: I knew and liked them both. One of them was so determined that she manage to hang herself from the window bars, even though the parapet of the window was only about 20 inches…

I was going to be next. Except that someone invited me to something on this Wednesday evening.
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