Reading… Connecting the dots… why can’t you?

Why is it that in spite of all the reading, all the studying, all the classes you take, you are not amounting to much, to as much as you feel you should have earned?

And no matter how many people suggest that reading a book a week is good for you… it may do nothing for you… I have seen that with my students… and while writing yesterday’s article, the “April 1… joy-full life” article, I saw it again.

The way you do things, the way you read, learn, etc. doesn’t create connections between the things you see, the things you learn, the things you read.

When we talk, maybe you can connect the dots, i.e. you are capable of integration: seeing that two seemingly disparate concepts connect, they are part of the same thing, or they are in fact the same thing.

But only when I point it out to you. Continue reading “Reading… Connecting the dots… why can’t you?”