Are you free to be yourself? If not, read this article…

You are hobbled. You hobbled yourself by what others think you should do. Hobbled yourself by wanting to be loved. Hobbled yourself by the ‘right thing’ to do, the ‘right thing’ to say, the ‘right way’ to be…

In the workshop: From Upsets to communication… I needed to deal with lots of upsets coming from a student. She felt hurt by my treatment of her. And I was pondering. Continue reading “Are you free to be yourself? If not, read this article…”

Why all you’ve learned hasn’t made life good for you

You learned rules… and they didn’t make life good.

All rules, moral or otherwise, serve one purpose and only one purpose: to kill your inner guidance. To kill your spirit.

Some exceptional people, most of them part of the 1000, live by their inner guidance… This means they must have, at some point, said no to rules, regulations, commandments, common wisdom, laws, and make up their own minds. Continue reading “Why all you’ve learned hasn’t made life good for you”

Rules, concerns, or why the energies would not work for you

path to what you wantIf you have hopes to become happy, Today’s Monday Morning Memo is right up your alley… it teaches what you CAN do, HOW you can look and see reality, and be happy, excited, joyful… instead of how and what you are now.

Without gene adjustment. Probability that it will work… without energetic adjustment: 3%. The effectiveness of words to your behavior and worldview.

Yesterday’s Inner Authority class was very instructive to me: I found out that many people consider that what they get from me, energies, adjustments, etc. are non-important, non-essential, maybe even non-real… as in ‘they are my way to extort money‘.

The more you can consider my energy interventions real, real-real… the more willing you’ll be to do what co-creative actions you need to take.

Energies, for the most part, can only change physical reality if and when some action is added, concurrently.

Example: … Continue reading “Rules, concerns, or why the energies would not work for you”

Two rules of engagement and a condition…

two rules of engagementEver since last Saturday I have been observing myself putting myself down, devaluing myself. Telling people I am not such a good coach, etc. etc. etc.

I know what happened. I know exactly.

I watched this guy’s videos, I read his testimonials, I heard his superior facility to guide people and take them where he wanted them to go. I watched his 24/7 tireless enthusiasm to turn marginally interested people into fans. And I compared.

I compared.
Continue reading “Two rules of engagement and a condition…”

Getting to clear. Getting to whole and complete.

Why are you miserable… why do you pretend to be happy?

Good question, isn’t it? Both parts…

My answer is the same to both questions… both parts.

It is the shoulds.

They are everywhere. Society, family, partner, government, religion, everyone we come in contact with place a should on us… and we take it, even if we don’t like it.

When we are born, life is big, and our playing ground is huge.

Then come the no’s and the do or else’s…

And with every no and with every “do or else” the playing ground where we are free to do what we want to do gets smaller and smaller.

When I look at people, they are pretty much restricted to a life the size of a playpen. Area where they are free to be themselves, area where they can be curious, area where they can do what they want to do. Continue reading “Getting to clear. Getting to whole and complete.”

Rule-making, rule-accepting separates you from reality

You live life as if some things were better than others, as if some things are wrong, and other things are right.

Truth is, these are all memes 1. This is not how life works.

Life works with physical laws, some of them we know, others we don’t, but they are laws nevertheless.

The difference between a physical/natural law and a rule is that for a law to be law you don’t have to agree to it for it to do what it does… But rules for them to be working on all involved, have to be accepted, agreed to, and bear the consequences if you don’t. Continue reading “Rule-making, rule-accepting separates you from reality”

The tyranny of the pursuit of happiness. What you pursue…

More books are sold on happiness than maybe even on dieting… especially because 98% diet books’ hidden attraction is happiness.

Weird, eh? Continue reading “The tyranny of the pursuit of happiness. What you pursue…”