All emotions are toxic… Like cream, rise to the top…

Toxic emotions?

Most mornings the first thing I look at in the morning is a reddit email with 4-5 reddit posts, And then I read email from You watch Cnn, or Fox news, or whatever… I read these posts.

I don’t watch TV, don’t go to news sites, don’t talk to people, so this is the closest I get to witness what emotions people go through in the world.

This and my coaches’ Social Lair rants… but I definitely prefer Reddit and digg.

Today the ‘harvest’ was rich and heartwarming.

In one reddit thread a dude posted a dozen or so little clips combined into a minute long movie of his girlfriend getting off work and alternately running, flying, skipping, or dragging herself to his car… Watch the video below: Continue reading “All emotions are toxic… Like cream, rise to the top…”