Does your worldview keep you from knowing yourself? Stuck on self-delusion?

Before I write the meat of the article, I am sure you have a question: what the heck is a worldview… and how do you know what YOUR worldview is, if any.

The Three Umpires

A little anecdote comes to the rescue, about a radio interview of three umpires on how they call ball or strike (in baseball, for those who don’t know).

The three umpires are different ages.

Umpire number one asked first. He is a rookie umpire. He is asked, as will be his colleagues: How do you call ball or strike?

The rookie umpire answers: It’s obvious. I call it the way it is. A ball is a ball, a strike is a strike.

The journeyman umpire, has a few years of judging the game, answers: I do it differently. I call it the way I see it. I see it’s a ball, I call it a ball.

The old, wrinkled seasoned umpire, when asked the same question, grumbles… You are both rookies. Because I know that it ain’t nothing till I call it.

The three umpires represent three worldviews… A worldview is your relationship to what is happening in the world… 1 Continue reading “Does your worldview keep you from knowing yourself? Stuck on self-delusion?”